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Gettin To Know You

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Being that these forums are new and all, I thought I'd make a mini
little quiz just to familiarize ourselves with eachother.

How did you find out about this place?:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Video Game:
Favorite SCUMM Game:
Try of music, bands?:

Name: Kevin Sullivan
Age: 16
How did you find out about this place?: Gamespot news
Favorite Movie: Annie Hall and the Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Video Game: Zelda : Orcarina of Time
Favorite SCUMM Game: Sam and Max
School?: 11th Grade
Try of music, bands?: Led Zeppelin
Married?: No
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    Name: Nickolas

    Age: 15

    How did you find out about this place?: i don't really remember...i think i found it on some non official sam and max homepage.

    Favorite Movie: Anything with Leslie Nielsen and the old Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

    Favorite Video Game: Jedi Academy ; and i think i'll really like the game called The Movies, when it comes out.

    Favorite SCUMM Game: Sam & Max ; Day of the Tentacle

    School?: 9th grade

    Try of music, bands?: Anything made by John Williams; by Klaus Badelt; by Hans Zimmer; AC/DC; Guns 'N' Roses

    Married?: Nope, not yet
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    Ahhh, this brings back memories of old users.
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    Name: So many names, so little time
    (board name gives a clue to first name)
    Age: 31
    How did you find out about this place?:
    Favorite Movie: errr.. I don't know
    Favorite Video Game: errr... Next!
    Favorite SCUMM Game: more or less all of them
    School?: Not any more, but is now a Data Tech dude
    Try of music, bands?: rock, no real favorite
    Married?: Nope
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    Name: Aaron

    Age: 20

    How did you find out about this place?: The Inventory

    Favorite Movie: Comedy romances, comedy slapstick, anything that's decently funny. Inner Space is really good. :)

    Favorite Video Game: LucasArts/Sierra (the old classic adventures) and many obscure games.

    Favorite SCUMM Game: Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle

    School?: College junior

    Try of music, bands?: Mazedude's music, classical music, anything with a good soothing rhythm.

    Married?: Someday hopefully.
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    Age: 25
    How did you find out about this place?: Through news of the Bone-game on
    Favorite Movie: The Godfather
    Favorite Video Game: Planescape: Tornment and at the moment SWG
    Favorite SCUMM Game: Indiana Jones and the Faith of Atlantis
    School?: Just finished my masters degree in media studies.
    Try of music, bands?: Rock, punk and metal like; Tool, Korn, Rancid, Blues Explosion
    Married?: No, but living with girlfriend.
  • I must have forgotten to do this.

    Name: Arthur King
    Age: 25
    How did you find out about this place?: I don't recall.
    Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Favorite Video Game: Betrayal at Krondor (it's a PC rpg game, but I consider any non-adventure game to be a video game)
    Favorite SCUMM Game: hmm... Curse of Monkey Island?
    School?: graduated from Virginia Tech; Theatre Arts degree, minor in Business
    music, bands?: jazz, blues, surf guitar, some classical, and orchestral film and game soundtracks. Basically, almost any music without lyrics. But there are some with lyrics I like, such as Squirrel Nut Zippers (not that I understand or pay attention to the lyrics, but it all still SOUNDS good to me)
    Married?: Nope. Not that I know of...
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    Name: Robert McGovern
    Age: 28
    How did you find out about this place?:
    Favorite Movie: Star Warrekpaxjoneslistdemptionarsenic (I really can't chose just one)
    Favorite Video Game: Fade To Black
    Favorite SCUMM Game: Toughie ... The Dig / Full Throttle.
    School?: 5 years ago now ...
    Try of music, bands?: Film & Game Scores (John Williams, Jeremy Soule, Michael Giancchino (I never spell his name right)
    Married?: Yup, nearly 7 years
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    Name: Valentino Sneed
    Age: 15
    How did you find out about this place?: Umm... on when visiting the Sam & Max FP page. (a long time ago)
    Favorite Movie: I dunno...
    Favorite Video Game: Beyond Good and Evil
    Favorite SCUMM Game: The Secret of Monkey Island
    School?: Yeah
    Try of music, bands?: Well I like about everything
    Married?: Uhh... No
  • Name: Joseph Williams
    Age: 14
    How did you find out about this place?:
    Favorite Movie: Evil Dead II
    Favorite Video Game(s): Half-Life 2, Sam and Max, Broken Sword I, II, & III, Monkey Island Series
    Favorite SCUMM Game: All of them
    School?: Year 10 at Kristin School (Make from that what you may)
    Try of music, bands?: Try of Music? Huh? uhh... I like Metal mostly. Iron Maiden... Excellent! Metallica (Ride the Lightning!)
    Married?: yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee... No.
  • Hey Joseph,

    Nice to see another kiwi here! Funny that you came here via '' - I did the site design for it. :-)

    Kristen School huh? My former bosses daughters go there - The Gladings.

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