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    Just curious, did any of The Walking Dead episodes release on a Friday for the PC?

    The TWD PC episodes usually released on the same day as the first console version (Xbox or PS3).

    That means it was either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

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    According to Game Informer it's coming next week. So first week of Feb sounds right. Want to elaborate even more Telltale? Game Informer

  • Cheers. I'd say Tuesday is likely, based on that, personally. Mostly using The Walking Dead as a reference point.

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    @ jhopwood1222 - Its coming out on the same day in Europe and North America for PC. I dont care about Xbox and PS3 very much. ^^

  • +1 thankyou indeed for the update kevin :)

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    Might be partly my fault. Moderators here have confirmed that TT has had to deal with more restrictive NDAs than they are used to. I'm not sure how to link to specific posts, so I'll just excerpt the part I'm referring to:

    Now that they are working with large corporations such as Warner Bros (which owns Vertigo, which is an imprint of DC Comics) for Fables, and with big name licenses like The Walking Dead, and have to deal with distribution deals with large console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft, there's a lot of non-disclosure agreements and other legal red tape that they have to deal with.

    From that, I speculated that console certification may be at fault, because the NDAs tend to prohibit disclosing that sort of thing, and I can't think of any other info that would harm them more by its disclosure than the continuing silence everyone (myself included) was complaining about. Now, I happen to actually believe that console certification is the problem, but I wish to clarify that I have absolutely no basis for this. I'm not objectively claiming it is so, I'm just saying that in my personal opinion, this is by far the most likely explanation.

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    I would like anyone to explain to me in a cogent manner why, as a pc gamer, I should care what console publishers want to do and this could be anything more then TTG shooting themselves in the foot signing this kind of contract. You don't need to port games to consoles to be successful, quite the contrary. JEBUS!

    First of all, I agree completely with your sentiment. I've always resented the way some companies treat consoles like royalty, and the PC as an also-ran. I hate 50-60 degree FoVs. I hate sloppy mouse support. I hate the absence of advanced graphics options (actually, in TT-style games, that's less of an issue.) I hate the late releases (looking at you, Rockstar) and the complete absence of releases (goddamn you, Rockstar, I wanted to play Red Dead Redemption but I probably never will.) Brother, I feel your pain.

    However, you asked for a cogent explanation, and here it is, in two parts:

    1) TT does not want to be "successful." They want to extract as much money as possible from the game without ruining the experience for their customers, no matter which platform any specific customer may prefer. Some may argue that this delay has ruined the experience, but I think TT is more concerned with what the game's like when Ep 5 is done and released. Once that happens, our perfectly legitimate gripes about timelines are moot, and late adopters will have no idea what people were so upset about, because (I presume) the game will be grand and well-received. This isn't so much about success in the abstract, as it is with leaving dumptrucks full of money on the table while the console folks buy someone else's game.

    2) Console manufacturers currently have absurd bargaining power. They're much more like feudal lords than corporations. Because they get to make up rules like "release on XBox before, or simultaneously with, all other platforms, or else you'll never be greenlit" developers sometimes have to choose between bending over, and scrapping the whole project due to poor revenue projections. The absurd power of the gatekeepers and the degree to which they exploit it, is the problem here, not one small company's inability to surmount this obstacle.

    Some might say, there are plenty of PC exclusives that are wildly profitable. This is true, but most of them are original IP. The enormous value of the existing IP being licensed often compels a maximize-your-revenue-stream type of corporate sleaze, and while I'd much rather TT ditched these licenses for another season of Sam & Max, or a remade Day of the Tentacle, or something like that, they're clearly not going to.

    No more episodic TTG games for me until all the content is released. You can get revenue on a per episode basis from your console customers since the console community is the player in your minds, TTG.

    Ditto. I'm very unhappy with TT right now, but I believe they painted themselves into a nasty corner, not that they stopped caring about their customers. I'm going to be delaying my purchases if TT's going to agree to delay their games at Microsoft/Sony's arbitrary whim.*

    • I do not know for a fact that this is what's happening, I just suspect it so strongly that I'm not bothering to qualify my statements.
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    so is no one going to talk about that thing around that other girls neck looks the same as faiths? (for the life of me i can't remember what those are called...)

  • Ribbon. :)
    And I think I've seen a few people in various topics mention it.

  • i wish this post was made a year ago, and it meant febuary 2013, and that would mean i'd have my game now, instead of posting this stupid reply

  • Yeah, kinda disappointed in Jared for that one. Still, if you're gonna rip off a song, might as well be a good one.

  • Twit from @jobjstauffer, TTG PR man:

    Played the final version of #TheWolfAmongUs Ep2 a 2nd time. I'd tell you what happens, but these lips are sealed!


  • That means they could release it if they want it to. They wont of course.

  • It's going to be amazing! I know it's going to be worth the wait. :)

  • They need to have it verified first by the services that make the game available, like steam, PSN and Xboxlive

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    Silence before the storm.

  • Steam just treats the subsequent episodes like bug fixes/free DLC, rather than separate games. Once the first episode was approved for Steam, the other episodes essentially became exempt from the approval process.

  • I said before that it will be coming out the February 4th PSN/Steam and February 5th for xbox ^_^

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    That doesn't factor in Europe/North America differing release dates.

  • huh! I only have to wait a week for IOS. Thanks Teltalle! You're all right!

  • Officially pissed. I've been reading this thinking it was the walking dead game forum.

  • "These lips are sealed"....

    I think this refers to something we will see in ep 2

  • um i was saying the united states for the 4th so um yeah thanks :D

  • They have uploaded a lot of files to the steam DB the last couple of months, you can't really tell anything from that.
    But then again, a shit ton of activity the last couple of days, which could look promising if I understood what the hell it meant.

  • see exactly what i said the 4th for us PS3 Users In the U.S :D i win

  • You might consider get a check-up on your eyes fine sir, going to the wrong forum is a fairly hard task.

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    I will, But there's no surprise now.

  • strong textFinally I've been waiting

  • Oh come on, if were not arguing about Telltale were arguing amongst ourselves. Cruel world.

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    A new game series : "The Telltale Among Us"

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    Hey guys! I've posted this info on the blog and updated the original post of this thread, and I see you guys got the info off Twitter as well, but thought it wouldn't hurt to post this in the discussion here too!


    Feb 4th - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 North America
    Feb 5th - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Europe

    It'll be out that same week on iOS too.

    Only a few days to go now... can hardly wait for everyone to play Smoke & Mirrors!

  • To quote Jan Valentine: ''I'm so fucking hard right now.''

    Alt text

  • You weren't the only one who predicted the 4th so er, yeah.

  • That's my birthday too. Happy birthday

  • They give more time to the wolf among us its great game..but they also have to give more time to the walking dead season 2 i think may be they forget that the walking dead is one of their biggest project ever

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