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Digital tracks on Season 2 soundtrack

posted by Mel on - last edited - Viewed by 240 users
I may be doing something completely silly here, but I can't seem to find the digital tracks that are on the Season 2 soundtrack.

When I play audio discs on my laptop, I usually use the Rhapsody music player and they didn't show up there. When I explore the disc, I only see tracks 1-13.

Any suggestions? Thanks. :)

Please forgive my potential doofiness if it's a straightforward thing I'm missing.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    If you look in your My Computer, do you see a disc called "BONUS TRACKS" there? If so, you should be able to just open or explore that, and get a few directories of files.

    If not, what operating system are you running? We checked this under XP/Vista/Mac OS X.
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    :confused: I looked at it using My Computer yesterday. I hadn't played through the disk yet and the only thing I saw were the 13 tracks. I had played through it and even looked again last night and I still only saw the 13 tracks. It showed up on my computer as Audio CD at the time.

    I read your response and looked at the disk again using My Computer and the disk now reads as Bonus Tracks and all those folders are there. How did that happen? Did you send little vibes to my laptop to make it work? It makes my brain go nuts when I don't understand why it ended up working. Well, none-the-less, those bonus tracks are there.

    Thanks. :)
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