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Games are all about money, not love of games ... or are they?

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I saw this thread on Slashdot about how the major game companies have lost their love for games and replaced it with love of money. It points to an article about how the game industry cares nothing about gameplay any more.

A rebuttal was posted thereafter basically saying that the problem is not with the game industry but with the perception of the game industry.

What do you think? Whereas I certainly do not begrudge game makers their desire to make money, have the big game companies lost touch with what gamers - serious gamers - are looking for? Is now the percet time for independent like TTG to break forth and return gaming to the glory days when games from independent companies were the best games to have?
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    Well, I don't mean to be the odd one out or anything, but I don't think The Sims is all too bad. It has it's good qualities as a simulation, like complete control over your sims. Come to think of it, that can lead down alot of sick ad twisted corners, most of them ending in murder. Maybe The Sims eases people's cravings to ruin other people's lives.
  • I figure why have the sims when you can just go out and live life on your own anyway. Sims is pretty into the female market thats where it gets it's money from
  • As far as i can tell the reason people play the sims is because they can wall 5 people up, set them on fire, watch them live in their own filth, bring people back from the dead, and generally so they can be a complete bastard. I agree though, i hate the sims
  • ugh the sims I loathe that game
    Yes most "gamers" do, the point being of course that a company makes a game for an uncatered to market outside the normal Gaming Sphere - and has a HUGE hit on their hands.
  • yup if they had a martha stewart game out there I'm sure a lot of morons would buy that too
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    duh, Lucasarts...
  • The great thing about the Sims is the build mode. I like to spend hours creating new locations and houses. Then I let my wife play the actual game. I agree that it is pretty boring controlling people's lives unless they are dying - so I just stick to the build and design mode. In that sense it is a great way to enjoy playing a game as a couple. When she needs a new house built she takes a break and I step in and build it for her.

    Also Will Wright, the creator of The Sims (and Sim City et al) is a great guy. He spoke at that GDC about his mission to decrease game designers' dependence on the distributors need for money by decreasing overhead. His next game "spore" will cost way less than the Sims to produce, while providing a brand new experience for gamers.
  • sim city wore it's self out after a while too. Open ended games like sims are fun though... like black and white. Too bad black and white 2 doesn't have as much to do with your creature as the first one did but it should still be a ton of fun.
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    Black and White... man, was that ever a game that got old really quick. Especially when it started raining fire and brimstone. Don't get me wrong. Great graphics and sound, but it just dragged ass. My creature grew as slow as molasses coming out of a tree in January.
  • it was nice to throw flaming rocks into towns though or better yet have my creature throw flaming crap into them. he knew how to put himself out so he was fine. Though for the most I was still good cause you got the best stuff that way.
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