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Im posting my thoughts from episodes 3-5 because obviously we've played out the first and got a little peek at episode 2.

Episode 3 - In Harms Way

Does anyone agree that it looks like Clem and Rebecca are in some sort of cage or cell? Maybe locked up by someone? Carver? I don't know why but it gives me the impression that something happens where they are captured. The slide sounds like a gloomy place and you can see a shadow over Clem and Rebecca's faces that look like prison cell bars. I also think Clem will help deliver Rebecca's baby at some point in this episode. What do you think?

Episode 4 - Amid The Ruins

This slide intrigued me the most. I love the creepy, eery feeling to it. People on the forums are saying its blood or war paint on Clem's face? Its a tough one but i think this episode (as others have thought) that Clem will most likely find Tavia's camp or bump into some or all of the surviving characters of 400 Days?

Episode 5 - No Going Back

Again it's tough to call at this stage but i'd say a lot of time has passed and it's heading into winter. I see Clem being alone, possibly if she had been with survivors from previous episodes, they will all have died or have unknown fates. I see the final episode showing a deep struggle for Clem to brave out the harsh cold.

What are all of your thoughts? Any opinions of your own what you think is to come?


  • I think there will be sadness and death.

  • I think TTG is gona f*** us all and let clem die in episode 5 that would be a reason for me to stop playing i would just ignore the episode then

  • Yh if they want to lose fans and reputation they will Clem die.They can't do this they've already discussed it in another thread if Clem dies that means Lee's struggle and sacrifices would be for nothing.But I am not the one who judges they can be really unpredictable just like Omid's

  • well they killed every good character so far i just want a good ending and not the "everyone dies" ending again

  • I hope she doesn't die. They shouldn't copy Season 1's ending.

  • We can just Hope That TTG is Not gonna so this again :/

  • You guys must be new to The Walking Dead franchise, where most of the protagonists die. And i don't think Clementine will make a excepcion. And to you all bit**es who keep saying "I won't play the game is Clementine dies" i recomend you stop playing now. This game is not for you.

  • She definitely will be an exception .I know that everyone dies in the walking dead universe .but they just can't make one they made Sofia's
    off-Panel so it's going to be hard to make Clem' death scene either way I can tell that TTG is Bold.

  • Clem is what this whole series is based on. If (and I mean if) she dies, that would no doubt mean the end of the game series. Going on would be like a game with no real purpose anymore.

  • There are no happy endings in The Walking Dead even if they kill Clem I believe they will still keep making the game series.

    The TV show has had 4 seasons so far and there a fifth on the way. If Clem did die they'd just come up with something else.

    I recon some of the choices will be helping that girl have the baby or not. Have no idea what the rest is going to be.

  • They will not continue the series much longer, because they can't get in front of the comics. Most likely this will be the last season when we will see Clementine. If there is going to be another season, then probably they will start from the begining with a new group.

  • I don't know, for a series to first spend the first season to shape Clementine to be a survivor, and then the next to show the fruits of what she learnt, only to die in the end of the season doesn't sound like a very good ending to me.

    And who says that they will get in front of the comics? Sure a lot of time has passed, but it had purpose, and they can always have time pass a few months every season (if there were to be more). Besides, since they're working with Robert Kirkman to avoid these problems, they've even said that they are avoiding anything that would contradict the comic.That means in order to do that they cannot go ahead of the comic, to avoid these problems, but that doesn't mean the comic's time is on a standstill. The game could still progress if they carefully work with the time period.

  • Well obviously of course there'll be sadness and death

  • I agree, killing Clem would just be a bad idea. If they did it would be a 'purely for shock' idea and I don't think TTG would be that crass, not to mention a direct copy of the S1 PC (I don't see TTG being that repetitive). Can you explain to me, though, why Omid's death was unpredictable? Why didn't people see that coming? Not trying to be an ass I just don't understand.

  • I have a feeling that we will find out happened to Christa's baby during Episode 3. Clem might have to deliver Rebecca's baby and she will probably reveal to her what went on with Christa's baby (if it died/ how/ if Clem had to deliver it/ possible c-section)?

  • The game IS all about Clem, so killing her off would definitely mean the end of the game. However, this game is so huge I don't think they're willing to do that. I want to see Clem grow, become some kinda badass survivor, maybe lead a group when she's in her twenties. I mean, how can they kill her in a non lame way? That's the ONE problem with every post apocalypse game/movie. The ending is always ambiguous or flat out stupid. Maybe this game will become some kinda continuous thing that never ends? idk...

  • Episode 3: In Harms Way- I agree with them being locked up. I think the Rebbecca Situation will end up like Lori.

    Episode 4: Amid The Ruins- Just because all these familiar faces like Eddie appear in the slide, that's not nessecarily a good thing. What if it means they are all dead....... And I think it is war paint.

    Episode 5: In the words of The House of Stark, "Winter is coming,". Since the group is heading north, the cities could be Tennasee, Wellington, New York, Phillidelphia, Boston, Rawley, or Selma.

  • Episode 3: In Harms Way- I agree with them being locked up. I think the Rebbecca Situation will end up like Lori.

    Episode 4: Amid The Ruins- Just because all these familiar faces like Eddie appear in the slide, that's not nessecarily a good thing. What if it means they are all dead....... And I think it is war paint.

    Episode 5: In the words of The House of Stark, "Winter is coming,". Since the group is heading north, the cities could be Tennasee, Wellington, New York, Phillidelphia, Boston, Rawley, or Selma.

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    I think people where shocked at Omid's death as it was so close to the start of the game, most people thought that he would die somewhere towards the middle or the end of the season and that he would be more involved in the overall story.

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    Teltale has said that season 2 would not be "a clone" of season 1. There is a report about in OXM (Official Xbox Magazine), here is a link.

  • I concur. There will be tears as well.

  • Come on people. If main character dies, it's not reason to hate TT!

  • Why can't their be happiness, rainbows, and a cure for the disease? Everyone who we thought was dead come back and everyones happy!

  • Episode 3 - They're in a bathroom or shower. You can hear the water dripping in the background.

  • I totally agree with you specially in ep 4 i know she finds tavias camp thats why we see vince/kenny and eddie, and i think tavias camp and carvers camp are in war, i personally think we will start seeing s1 and 400 days character in ep 4 even though we may see some1 in ep 2 (not gonna say who) and in ep 5 i dunno maybe clem has to kill someone important to live yeah like she is in some kind of possition were theres no turning back like kill or die

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    Well, these are my vague guesses

    EP 3: Rebecca and Clem are captured by Carver, we find out one of the reasons he was after the group was because the baby was his and he wanted to raise it, or something to that effect. He wanted Rebecca alive, so that's explains why he didn't have his men shoot up the cabin before asking questions when Troy knocks on the door and talks to Clementine on the ep2 preview.

    EP4: Clem gets rescued by that shady group for some reason.

  • I can't play EP 3 If You are thinking what I am thinking.

  • I agree most of the things you say and I like that you're vague in your assumptions (I do the same) instead of making crazy theories or creating entire plots out of the thin air. Let's face it, we don't have much to work with.

    The only things I'd add is that the slide in episode 3 looked like a bathroom to me the first time I saw it (I didn't notice any bars), but I'm still positive that Clem and Rebecca are trapped in it (maybe Sarah's there too), and that I was hoping that Clem would meet the characters from 400 days in episode 3 (maybe they are the ones that rescue Clem and the others).

    Also, I think the end is gonna be bittersweet, much like season 1's. I hope it's more sweet than bitter this time. And I highly doubt Clem will end up dying, mainly because Clementine doesn't have a Clementine (unless they're trying to turn Sarah into this but it's very unlikely), which wasn't the case for Lee. If Clementine dies, the end will be plain bitter, not bittersweet.

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    Thank you for your comment. It's means a lot to this thread.

  • While it is likely Clem will end up alone, I desperately hope Kenny or Eddie manages to make it and stay with her.

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    If Kenny resurfaces in episode 2 or 3, I'd personally want NO GOING BACK to feature just the two of them, completely alone against the elements, with the rest of the cast D.O.A. Between action sequences, they'd reminisce about the long journey they've taken from the very beginning, and how they got where they are now, making for a particularly melancholic episode. Kenny would eventually die (albeit in a fashion very different from Lee's death), while Clem's fate remains unknown.

  • I'd really like Clem and a few others to survive this season and still be together maybe even influenced by our choices. Not just her and a few others fate being unknown

  • I think Telltale loves breaking hearts :-(

  • Yes I agree Firewallcano

    I hope Kenny returns and stays with Clem. Clem, Kenny and Luke making it to Episode 5 would be great.

  • Kenny wouldn't let Luke live.

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