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Release dates for The Wolf Among Us Episode 2

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We have release dates for The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors!

  • Tuesday Feb 4th - PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 North America
  • Wednesday Feb 5th - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Europe

And it’ll be out on iOS next week too!

  • They give more time to the wolf among us its great ..but they also have to give more time to the walking dead season 2 i think may be they forget that the walking dead is one of their biggest project ever lol

  • Damn. People are being douchebags up there. O.o

    Thanks for all the hard work, Telltale! Stuff happens and that's life. I'm pumped to see where this next installment goes, and I'm sure I'll be hyped as hell for the rest. Tuesday can't come soon enough. =P

  • It's Feb 4th and the 2nd episode of The Wolf Among Us hasn't been release yet

    Why ????

  • according to telltale, right now im not connected to the internet to make my download...any explainations?

  • according to telltale, right now im not connected to the internet to make my download...any explainations?

  • Still waiting to download it on my Mac and it's Feb 5th now? Open the game and it still says 'Coming Soon' even though i bought the season pass? I wanna play :(

    • I had the same problem...what you have to do is go uninstall your game and then reinstall it by going to your profile, then my games, and then clicking on TWAU...when you do that it should re-download the entire game and the new episode and all your previous EP and choices shouldn't be changed or lost...that worked for me and I've already played it twice...hopefully it works for you too :)

  • Looks like there is a problem with the servers. I tried launching the game and it still says "coming soon" for episode 2. I also tried re-downloading the installer from the website, guess what? At 99.99% server gave an error. I am now downloading episode 2 files from another source. Excuse me but this is ridiculous. I do love Telltale and their games. But people also pay money for this game. I have a season pass and that means I should be able to update my game legitimately from the official servers.

  • Will the Xbox 360 version come in North America tomorrow as well as the European Xbox 360 version?

  • Ummm... I cannot find Ep. 2. I'm playing this on the Xbox 360 and it still says on Ep. 2 "Coming Soon". Are the Episodes released internationally? 'cause I do not live in America or Europe... Should I probably check tomorrow? It's already in the afternoon of Feb. 5 here in my place.....
    P.S. Where can you make suggestions?

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