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Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date Discussion: Out Now for PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Vita/Android

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So Season 2 Episode 1 is out for most of Telltale's scheduled platforms, but it has yet to release on Ouya and Vita. Since the main purpose of these threads is to provide release information, and that one's quite long, let's start a new one for episode 2 release discussion.

If you want to talk about the release of episode 2, do so in here. Thanks. :)

Episode 202 Release Date Information:

The Episode releases on Tuesday, March 4th for:

  • PC (Telltale Store/Steam)
  • Mac (Telltale Store/Steam)
  • Playstation Network on PS3 (North America)

The Episode releases on Wednesday, March 5th for:

  • Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360

The Episode releases on Thursday, March 6th for:

  • iOS App Store

The Episode releases on Wednesday, March 12th for:

  • Playstation Network on PS3 (Europe)

Confirmed via Telltale's Twitter Account:

'#TheWalkingDead S2 Ep2 will be available for PS3 via the PlayStationEU store on Wednesday, March 12

The Episode releases on Tuesday, April 22 for:

  • PlayStation Store on Vita (North America)

The Episode releases on Wednesday, April 23 for:

  • PlayStation Store on Vita (Europe)

The Episode releases on Saturday, May 10 for:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire (HD or HDX devices, 2nd generation and up), Amazon Fire TV

The Episode releases on Wednesday, June 25 for:

  • Android on Google Play
  • So Episode 1 is out. Now we're waiting for Episode 2.

    Think I'll post this again.

    Alt text

    • im not waiting episode 2 comes out now!!

    • They should release all the episodes at the same time I love this series..then again its like a tv show, it builds suspense not knowing what is going to happen next so I can understand why they are takeing their time on releasing the next episode.

      • then it would already be over
        i like waiting for them
        maybe its just a little too long a wait
        i dont know

      • I played through the entirety of the first season The Walking Dead in two days (bought them all, like, right before the 5th episode came out). It was amazing. Playing The Wolf Among Us and purchasing it episode by episode, I think, is worse though. I finished Episode 1, like, three weeks before Episode 2 came out, and couldn't even remember what half of my choices were. If I could play through all the episodes at once, I think I'd be more immersed because I wouldn't get distracted by other games. I'd be entranced by the entire season. It's kind of like binge watching a television series after most/all of the seasons have been released on Netflix/Hulu. You get that sort of tunnel vision effect.

      • If this were the case you wouldn't find it as awesome. What makes a tv show good? Suspense and anticipation. If you had all your pestering questions answered immediately there'd be no investment on your part. Think about how much more you want the answers now that you have to wait.

      • Suspense may be building, but I am having trouble remembering what choices I made. A bit too long between episodes

      • Ummmm... it's an episodic series. Cliffhangers and player choices would be pointless without episodes.

    • i know exactly who comes back in episde 2 but im not gonna spoil

      • WHO? please i would like to know :)

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          nonushivam1 BANNED

          it can be either Kenny, Lilly, Molly, Vernon, Hershel Greene or Glenn

          • or omid cause u don't know what clem and christa did with the body, they could of left the body and an other group of survivors could of taking him into care

      • Is it out yet. it would nice. I'm just guessing But I think and hope its Kennedy you never saw him die

          • Yes, from the current situation and all we know so far Kenny is the only logical/possible character that can appear and that matches Clem's reaction. If it were Christa, Lilly, Molly etc. her reaction would not be logical or reasonable at all. The more interesting question is if we get to know who it is in episode 2. Given all the information in the "Next time on..." sequence this seen seems to be further in to the episode, maybe that's the cliffhanger scene that ends episode 2... ;)

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        InfiniteDawn BANNED

        Just tell us who and why then mark it with a spoiler tag..

      • It's pretty obvious that it's gotta be Lilly or Kenny because we knew them well, but we never saw them die. (I think it's Lilly, but i hope it's Kenny:D)

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          InfiniteDawn BANNED

          Honestly, I think it's Kenny. Nothing is really proven that it's Lilly. No Lilly files have been found for season 2, Kenny files have though.

          • How do you know that???

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              InfiniteDawn BANNED

              We would have seen the files in the game or at least threads about it. On the other hand, we've seen Kenny files. And threads about it too.

          • we did not see Kenny die so it is the most logical

          • i would say lilly cause both ways of season 1 she could have survived easily but kenny was trapped in a corner with walkers then ran out of bullets then started fighting like 20 walkers i highly doubt its him

          • Doesn't really prove anything since Telltale has only announced that Kennys fate will be explored, and thats it. Never said anything him being the mystery person... or even alive. And it could be Lilly just as well.

        • Agreed. It's probably Lilly or Kenny, but my money is on Lilly because it would be a worst case scenario for Clem and this season seems to be really dealing out the damage for her so far. (Still hoping for Kenny though, just to see a friendly face)

          • What about Crista? I would be genuinely let down if it wasn't someone more surprising but we never seen her die either.

            • I admit, I didn't think of Christa, I just assume that they're planning on bringing her back in later on (like 3rd or 4th episode) if she's still alive, which I think/hope that she is!

          • I tink it's Kenny. If it were Christa Clem would be more happy than shocked. My theory is, that it's Kenny and not just Kenny but that it turns out that Kenny actually is Carver (maybe Kenny Carver is his name, we never knew about his family name as far as I remember). He might have turned to a more worse and egoistic version of himself given the things happening in Season 1. This would also be worse for Clementine: first she realizes that Kenny isn't the nice guy anymore, would explain how shocked she is not just to see him alive but also to realize that he is Carver from which he heard only bad things. Also she would get problems with her current group as she always said "I don't know Carver" and "I don't work for Carver"... That's what I bet my money on...

            • "If it were Christa Clem would be more happy than shocked."

              Would she? Last they talked they weren't really getting along too well, a bit of resentment was also hinted in the conversation.

              Also, everyone and their mothers in this game has been addressed by his or her first name, and first only. If it's Kenny, they would probably just call him that. Carver is someone we haven't met.

        • That's what everyone is saying that it's Kenny?

        • Maybe it's Molly, because she wasn't dead in S1

        • what about Krista? she said at the begining she was heading north before her and clem got separated. in the final clip it shows them in the snow.

        • deleted

      • If you think its Kenny its a chance but its christa, lilly, or kenny but clementine never actually knew what happened to poor kenny. I thought for a second LEE and then i said no dumb ass you shot him in the head but kenny would be a surprise for all of us.

        • Its possible that Christa told Clem what happened to Kenny

        • in my game, i didnt shoot lee just left him, so is it possible its lee?

          • I exclude Lee coming back they've end it very well, I highly doubt it is Molly and I sure hope so, she is sexy and I trust her :)... but if not I hope its Kenny not Lilly that bitch #_#

            • Maybe she (Lilly) has come around to a better state of companionship ! Lol

              • IS LEE IS LEE, at least i hope it is lee :( it's just not that good without a badass national geographic mutha fuckaa

              • Ya But lily was a bitch tho. On top of that she shot Carly (I not sure if I spell that name right) outside of the RV. I think I made a mistake of brining her back inside. Then she stole the RV while lee and Kenny are working on the train. I should of left her and let the walkers take her... But I guess it wouldn't matter anyway because the train was working...

            • Interestingly enough, you could argue that there is only one definite outcome that Lee is dead based on choices. Basically this would be for those who made the choice to not cut his arm off. To not do so would mean with relative certainty that Lee would eventually succumb to infection and become a walker.

              "But JCMF, I cut his arm off and had Clem shoot him, so hes dead!". Not necessarrily, we see Clem holding the gun and pull the trigger and the gun goes bang, but we don't actually see bullet to Lee's head. Screen goes black. In any form of Zombie fiction, if you don't see an on-screen death, theres a chance, no matter how small, that you might see the person again.

              However I don't want to feel like a troll, just mentioning a minute possibility. Regardless of whether or not Clem actually shoots him, It's my belief that he would eventually succumb to the infection as there was a lot of time between when he was bitten and when it was cut off. In other walking dead sources where a person survived the bite, the area was removed almost immediately. It may have been only 5 minutes to the player, but who knows how long it actually takes to get through the sewers to the morgue. Could have been hours. Considering he was already having fainting spells, I'd agree that it was too late. I still cut it off though, gotta hold on to HOPE.

              I love this stuff, I remember 15 years ago having this same basic discussion about Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2. People were so certain she was dead and then Resident Evil 4 comes out and proves how awesome a series Resident Evil is. Then RE5 had to screw things up again.

          • If u know anything about the walking dead, you know that bite victims don't survive. Also why does everyone cut of Lee's arm?

            • What happens if you don't cut his arm off?

              • I didn't cut it off. He dies with 2 arms.

              • The arm begins to lose feeling and you step on a piece of glass and pick it up. I always leave the arm so I can listen to the intense music that cues when Lee squeezes the piece of glass in his hand and uses it as a weapon as he takes the final march through the street killing zombies. It does however further sadden the situation when you have too show Clem the bite :'(

      • I really hope it's Lilly, because it would make the plot way more interesting and I just like her better that Kenny tbh. She's a kick-ass character. Plus I'm not sure Clementine knows what happend to Kenny.

        • Lilly is better than Kenny? Fuck you dude. Have you forgotten that she shoots Carley/Doug and is an utter BITCH along with feeding her dad's addiction to being a flat out Dick. FUCK Lilly. Kenny is awesome!!

          • Calm down. You act like he kicked your puppy and insulted your mother, just by not being a Kenny fan. :/

            • I honestly don't care who is and isn't a Kenny fan but Lilly is FAR from deserving fans... I hate Lilly as a character all together. She avoids dealing with problems outside of what fucks with her system, atleast KENNY shows some FUCKING courtesy at the end of the game... I mean he ONLY risks his life to help get Clem back!! There's a reason Kenny's the one who's coming back in episode 2 and even more reason Lilly's not!!

              • Your personal feelings are not a reason to tell someone "fuck you" for their opinion, though. If you don't care who doesn't kiss Kenny's ass, well, you weren't indicating that.

                I mean he ONLY risks his life to help get Clem back!!

                Every time someone brings this up, I always feel the need to add the stipulation that he's only willing to do that if you were basically his bitch the entire game. If you didn't side with him once, he'll often say, "you weren't always there for me, why should I be there for you?" If anything, that scene is a major "Fuck Kenny" moment for me, because even in Lee's darkest hour, he still thinks of himself. He's no better than Lilly was in her worst times, and in her best times, Lilly looked out for Clementine's best interests, protected her, and saved Lee's and everyone's life from the bandits.

                Also, Lilly "avoided problems" because she didn't trust Kenny anymore, who was the main person bringing up these problems. Whether or not you agree with Kenny, watching someone smash her father's head in understandably made her start to lose it. Kenny also avoided the problem with Duck and made it all about himself. You can't even make the argument that it's understandable because it's his son, because by that logic, Lilly's distrust and behavior was perfectly reasonable because it was her father whose life was in danger. No, in both cases, they were not seeing the bigger picture.

                I'm a Lilly fan because she was an interesting character. One can be a fan of a character and not try to kiss the character's ass all the time, like I often see Kenny fans doing. If that weren't possible, than Nate wouldn't have any fans, and in my opinion, Lilly is far more deserving of fans than a piece of shit like Nate. Lilly showed that she was a capable survivor who would help her group when she needed to (see the bandit battle). Nate showed he was a capable survivor by being a crazy, misogynistic, manipulative murderer. He enjoys killing. Lilly shot an innocent person in a frenzied state of mind and because of stupid pride. She deserves all the criticism in the world for it, but she is not without her good points. Nate has none, but has plenty of fans because of his charisma. Fandom is an interesting thing.

        • Can't say I like Lilly more than Kenny. Both were interesting characters with flaws and all.

      • WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????????????

      • Why is everybody saying it is Kenny or Lilly? I mean it's possible but I think it's Christa or Omid.

      • I think it could be the guy who stole Clem? It could be if you choked him but not if Clem shot it for you because you're terrible at "Q's".

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      Ellias BANNED

      Episode 2 is coming out probably in the mid to late February, or very early march.. maybe even middle.

      But people saying episode 2 will release in January 17 is down right foolish. It wouldn't even surprise me if telltale delays this second episode since they really jumped the gun and are working on shit ton of projects..

    • There is nothing like what you have posted here to describe the emotions of probably millions of people lol

    • until when we will wait

  • Well, time to wait the really long wait for Ep2..

    EDIT: Damn it, why can't I remove the spoiler tag?! I didn't mean to put that stupid thing there...

  • Im gonna take a wild guess on episode 2 release January 17

  • My guess is Episode 2 will be out some time in February. The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 will most likely be out some time in January.

  • My guess is late January to mid February..

  • @Kenny- wrote:
    Guessing Episode 2 of The Walking Dead Season Two is coming out late January or early February

    Unless it turns into The Wolf Among Us.

  • I think it will come out late February to mid March.

  • Hopefully late January

  • I'm guessing late feburary to be honest, and Wolf Among Us will be in janurary.

  • I'm hoping Late January, but considering past release dates it could be from then till like Early March :/

    • Apparently it hits back early February, hopefully

      • You know that you are trying to call a DEAD character right?Btw I knew the story of Christa's baby:
        -When Christa killed the strange woman ,both Omid and the strange woman turned into walkers.Then Omid ate Christa's baby and Christa passed out.Then Christa used a needle and patched up here stomach while Clem was watching her.If you want more info about this topic ask me or PM me

        • I'm not sure that's how pregnancy works

        • What an active imagination you have. Likely, Christa's baby, whom she probably named Omid, was probably still born or died during the 16 months before the majority of season 2. I wonder when Clementine asked about Omid during the rabbit roasting scene, she was referring to Omid II.

          • "Omid wanted to teach me" probably doesn't hint to a "baby" wanting to teach her. I imagine the baby either recently starved or became sick and died. This probably supports that Christa's baby weight is gone and they are having an awkward grieving process means that the baby recently died but was born many months in advance. I would've liked to have had more information on "Omid II" and maybe a future DLC will feature an inbetween section (HOPEFULLY). Season pass: DEFINITELY worth the money.

    • Omid, I read ur comment in my head in Omids voice and didn't even mean to... Haha made me sad..

      RIP Omid

      "You just ruined that dudes face."

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