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BotB Wii Infinite Manual Pages

posted by Spritz on - last edited - Viewed by 283 users
This isn't a fatal bug, but I noticed that if you keep setting the Wiggle record on the turntable in Club Technochocolate you can recieve multiple new instruction manual pages. It would be possible to get all four pages just from doing this. Where's the challenge in that?
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  • Yeah that is a bug we found at the last minute and it slipped through. The challenge would be to not use the bug to cheat.
  • Exclusive Wii Feature! Telltale pulls a Molyneux, and turns a glitch into a gameplay mechanic!

    It's one of those moral decisions the gaming community is all excited for!
  • Hey was the turntable an actual location of a manual page and the other 3 accedently showed up or did all for just somehow showup and there is a fourth location a need to know about.
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