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  • One is have Coach Z recite Poetry while trying to get marzipan's attention.
  • Hey everyone, try talking to Coach Z 3 times in extended play, just fired up my game from last night. Had 5/10. Did nothing but go to the track, and talk to Coach Z 3 times. Bam, 6/10
  • Ninja;95842 said:
    One is have Coach Z recite Poetry while trying to get marzipan's attention.
    Makes sense, did that and still stuck at 9.
  • poohead900;95837 said:
    Right now I'm in hindsight trying to remember where I may have gotten the 9 I got, just for clarification. Thought of another one:
    If you talk to Marzipan (before Coach Z breaks her window) about Coach Z, she says something about Strong Bad and a secret admirer. Affectionate? Who knows. Anybody around that point want to try it out?
    That didn't get me a point. But I do remember that at one point you can make her think it's you. I believe it's if you show pom pom's food related love to her.
  • Holyxion;95832 said:
    Let's see, that all right? Talking to Coach Z/Homsar doesn't help, neither talking to Strong Mad 'bout the Funmachine is all, correct?
    no, it didn't.
  • Good, anything else I should change?
  • Alright, here:


    Maybe I missed something before extended play, maybe not. Did have 5, then had 6 after talking to Coach Z 3 times in extended.

    Yesterday's game, in today's I have 9/10

    My first youtube upload, gimme some slack.
  • Talk to Limozeen about Two-O-Duo before they start sucking, possibly twice. Also, talk to Coach Z AFTER he starts sucking, but at the Pomstar concert. Also, talk to the whale at the concert, possibly twice.
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