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[Adult Swim]

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We got any fans of AS here? I personally am a HUGE [as] fan (sans Tim and Eric / Xavier) and I think that Venture Brothers or ATHF would be PERFECT adventure games.
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  • If you liked Saul you should check out 'Young Persons Guide to History' same people made it, allmost all the same actors, and possibly JUST as confusing a series.

    Harvey Birdman is AWESOMESAUCE. I own so much [AS] dvds but HB was the first one I bought, I got the entire series on DvD. I also own the ATHF movie(and soundtrack) and season 1 (wanna buy 2-3-4-5 but I r broke recently) I also have Squidbillies, Venture Brothers 1 and 2 (GOD I NEED 3) I have Frisky Dingo season 1 as well. I plan on picking up all of SGC2C (greatest talk show ever) The Brak Show, Sealab 2021(at least the seasons with Capt Murphy), Home Movies (I'll pick up whole series, but really I didn't like the first season wasn't very good IMO), I also want to pickup Metalocalypse and I KNOW I want Superjail! when it comes out, o yea and I have S1 of Boondocks, still need to get S2 but its expensive since Sony owns the rights not Williams Street.

    I still haven't played the Birdman PS2/Wii game or the ATHF ps2 game, I heard they were OK, funny but forgetable as games go. Anyone think maybe a SCUMM style animated adventure game would fit within an [as] universe? After Tabacco brought up Birdman, I think that series would fit well into that style of game, still think that Aqua Teen would and so would Venture Brothers, but Birdman probally be the best fit.
  • I am a fan of venture bros and maybe Metalpocalypse though l do view the other ones, but when I have nothin to do or if the show is recent.

    However, I find the majority of adult swim originals to be awful and a few are downright racist (I am lookin at you Frisky Dingo)
  • For some reason, Young Person's Guide to History just doesn't grab me like Saul did...I simply don't laugh or think it's funny at all.
  • The intentionally bad camp shows are losing their novelty REALLY quickly now.
  • Rather Dashing;95960 said:
    For some reason, Young Person's Guide to History just doesn't grab me like Saul did...I simply don't laugh or think it's funny at all.
    I personally found it to be somewhat funnier than Saul, at least a couple of episodes of Saul, however I do agree with the post above that they are losing their novelty. I said when I saw this show that I believe 1 thirteen episode season would be perfect for 'Young Persons' but beyond that would be too much. As it is I'm amazed that Tim and Eric are going into what... their third season now?

    P.S. The term 'racist' is thrown around a lot by people, while I don't want to say outright that you don't understand the term, I will say this. The term 'racist' by definition is:

    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    Racism and stereotyping are completely different and mutually exclusive, these shows can't 'hate', and neither do they promote a policy or system based on discrimination. The idea that they promote a belief in the superiority or right to rule over other races, is not only silly, but wrong. These shows present things in a humorous light designed to point out differences between two or more cultures, but does not state that one or the other is directly better or worse. If you take a look at Frisky Dingo itself, you'll see a few things that at first glance may seem like a poor choice in a PC world but if you actually watch the show for a bit you realize that they make fun of racial stereotyping just like they did on Sealab 2021. The 'chinese' character that runs the stereotypical dry cleaning business, turns out to actually be a white guy trying to milk a business grant out of the FBI, and Tyron the token black character in the series, while speaking in an 'urban/ebonics' style actually turns out to be one of if not THE smartest character in the series (listen to his ideas and plans during Season 2 when he is being elected Vice President).

    Racist is a term people tend to fall to when something doesn't fall to the standard PC norm of society, and worse makes them feel uncomfortable (whether its conscience or sub-conscience). Now I wont say that Racism doesn't exist, far from it, even in countries set against it in their typical society like America is, due to the large populations spoon fed guilt over the tragedy that was slavery and internment camps. However a fairly large section of people fall back on the idea of racism as a scapegoat to cover things that make themselves uncomfortable or puts them into a bad position. This also simply stems from peoples lack of understanding of the word quite often, and in doing so they overgeneralize its use.

    Either way though, it IS however your choice and opinion to like or dislike anything or anybody you want so I say unto thee, to each his own.

  • Robot Chicken and Family Guy are the only reasons i watch AS.
  • Oh right, I forgot about Robot Chicken. Add that one to my list I guess :)
  • robot chicken is inapropiate crap they'll have a funny clip here and there but the rest i think is just garbage
  • Cool, thanks for that contribution.
  • yogurtmano8675309;96794 said:
    robot chicken is inapropiate crap they'll have a funny clip here and there but the rest i think is just garbage
    They might be trying to elicit that response...
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