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  • poohead900;96094 said:
    Awww crappity-crap. I did the Talking to Strong Sad about the Bats twice, and got a point. Then I talked to Strong Sad about the Fun Machine (earlier post) and didn't get any. Quick, fast, and in a hurry I fired up another game to see if it was one or the other, and I didn't get anything for talking to Strong Sad about the Fun Machine.

    Something fishy's going on here. We're getting points for doing different things. Somebody else clarify on this one, maybe its miscommunication on our part, or Telltale is craftily making us frustrated by trying to help each other to no avail.
    I agree, it's getting really hard to run a list like this when it's impossible to get anyone to agree on what works, what doesn't, and what's a glitch.
  • Spritz;96188 said:
    You also don't get a point from looking at the bleached pond.
    Yes you do, I checked and you do.
  • splash1;96200 said:
    Yes you do, I checked and you do.
    You sure? I've checked it too and I didn't get a point.
  • poohead900;96166 said:

    BotB pissed me off, so I'm playing some Zelda.
    Resuming tomorrow......

    Dude, seriously? I'm actually playing Twilight Princess as I type this since I just got past where I was suck for ages which is another reason I haven't managed to properly look into what does and doesn't constitute an Affection Expression.
  • Yeah, the old N64 has had Ocarina of Time in it for like 3 months, yesterday I just decided to turn it on. Kinda loses all its fun when you know what to do...

    Ironic that we're hustling around the forums trying to figure out what to do in BotB?
  • Ya, but since we're on the topic of LoZ i can't seem to get past the hidden forest temple on OoT any ideas?
  • PM'd, don't wanna saturate a Strong Bad Forum with Zelda stuff.
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