If you would be stuck in a elevator with...

Ok, so if you would be stuck in a elevator with Kenny, Lilly, Larry, Ben, Danny St. John, Nate, Vernon and Eddie, what would you do?


  • Type kill in console.

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  • Use Kenny's godlike stache to find a way out.


  • Small talk. Do a fart and blame it on Larry. Crack a few jokes. Compliment Kenny's mullet and then ask him to comb mine.... What the fuck can we do were all stuck in a dang elevator?! I guess I would ask Eddie if he had some weed and then stone out the elevator, could get some laughs.

  • I'd use the charm coming out of Larry's ass as food while Kenny tries to find a way out. Ben would do nothing, Lilly would shoot out Vernon's balls, I would pitchfork Danny, and Eddie would be looking for sticky.

  • I'd have committed suicide by the time they found a way out.

  • How can me and all of those guys get into same elevator?

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