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Is there a way to force the game to run at a higher resolution than what it currently does? :/
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  • Welcome to the forum. :)

    I don't think so, but I'll double check with the techies.
  • I just checked, and no, there's no way to change the resolution.
  • Kevin did say, however, that they were working on adjustable resolution, and later on that they would update the previous versions to have higher resolutions. Or at least, they hope to do that.

    We do plan on updating the Bone Series to make sure all the episodes have the same features. So when shadows are ready, we'll have updates for each Bone episode. Same with multiple resolutions. Both those features multiple the amount of testing we need to do to ensure the game runs well for everyone, so they're a little slow in coming, but they are on thier way!

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    If you DO offer different resolutions please also include 16:9 ones (1280x768 would be great). I could live with borders on the left an right of the screen, anything is ok as long as the graphics aren't vertically squashed.
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