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Repeat Voice Actors

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Was anyone else bothered in this episode hearing both "Lee" (now Bluebeard with a transparent accent) and "Clementine" (small frog boy) in a new game? Surely this isn't an issue for people who haven't played TWD, but these were the two major characters of the last game, now relegated to cameos in a totally different world. What, does TTG only know 20 VA's? I just found that it was distracting and contributed to a sub-par installment. Anyone else think they should keep their hands off the major characters from their other games in a more serious effort towards immersion?

  • Though I definitely hear Lee in Bluebeard's voice, I think it's incredibly fitting. I don't have any problem with it at all. Toad Jr. sounds exactly like Clementine, but again, the voice is very fitting in my mind. That being said, I don't really understand your mentality either way. "Well, Dave, you did a great job with Lee, but since he's a main character I'm afraid you can't voice any small-part characters ever again because reasons." If they need new voices, and know talented voice actors who want to do these voices and are capable of doing these voices, why would they waste time finding new voice actors? They wouldn't.

    • I think you're missing my point. I do not think he sounds good at all as Bluebeard, which I find disorienting and kitschy after hearing him perform well as Lee. I mentioned that the characters had major parts in TWD because I assumed they would be the ones most people would recognize as being repeat performers. It's not: "You did a great job as Lee, but we'll never use you again because he was an important character." What it should be is: "Listen, you did a great job as Lee, and you were perfect for that part. But you aren't right for this part. We know you're talented but we'll need to use someone else for this role." Apparently lots of people like him as Bluebeard, and I've never read the comics so perhaps people know something that I don't. Strictly as a gamer, I disagree entirely and found it awkwardly out of place. I'm not the only one, but obviously most people will side with what's been done.

      • What it should be is: "Listen, you did a great job as Lee, and you were perfect for that part. But you aren't right for this part.

        But, Telltale did think that he was right for the part. I agree with them. I even hoped that they would think of casting him as Bluebeard as soon as I heard about this game.

        Strictly as a gamer, I disagree entirely and found it awkwardly out of place. I'm not the only one, but obviously most people will side with what's been done.

        I'm curious. Do you find it awkwardly out of place because you don't think his voice fits the character, or is it because you heard him as Lee before you heard him as Bluebeard? If you had played TWAU first would you be distracted while playing TWD? Just wondering.

  • Did anyone else notice Detective Brannigan's voice actor is the same as Shel's?

  • Yeah, that one was noticeable.

    Also, when Beast got mad I couldnt stop hearing Kenny.

  • So what if they used the same voice actors?I was glad to hear Lee Clem and others from TWD again.

  • Don't forget Clementime's voice is also used for beauty.

  • I think he's perfect as bluebeard,voice actors are professional,and they can distinct their voice for each character,I think you're just irritated because you're simply distracted by the fact he voiced lee

  • Molly voices snow and Beauty is voiced by clementine

    Honestly the only one I noticed was Bluebeard/Lee and I have to admit that was a little distracting. Main characters are hard to use as voice actors again as we hear so much from them.

    • You have to admit TJ was a TAD bit distracting. It kind felt like a DC alternate reality.

    • I noticed Bluebeard voice and it did get me a little off guard, I was thinking to myself -Lee Why so mean! I only noticed TJ when they were at the Mirror. I can just see it now Zombie apocalypse comes to Fabletown and through a bizarre sort of circumstances Bluebeard will end up with TJ, trying to stay alive....TWD: Fabletown

  • even though i know it's lee when i hear blue beard i feel it fits the role perfectly and even though this might not make sense, it doesn't feel like it's lee who is talking to you it just feels like another great character

  • Not really this is done all the time while dubbing tv series, you have a team of voice actors and you usually don't branch out much as you know they get the job done.

    Besides, i didn't noticed it was lee and clementine until the credits.

  • I thought the connection to the games through the voice actors were kinda cool. But I know what you mean. I was kinda bothered at first the the voice actor for Bigby was one of the St. John brothers. I think Andy St. John. (It was St. John, right? Wrong? I can't even remember or bother to look it up. It's been too long, lol)

    • Yes. It was indeed the voice of the cannibalistic, black shirt-wearing, pale-skinned dairy farmer we all know and (kinda) love.

    • Really? They don't sound anything alike to my ears.

        • He also voiced Hershel in TWD. Also, I'd like to mention Harrington has been doing an incredible job as Bigby. Every time I read the comics, only his voice comes to mind whenever Bigby says something.

          • I believe you, Hairy, with you saying that Adam was the one who also voiced Hershel. But according to Adam himself, it seems that you're wrong on that fact. Because if you look at the comments on the video I shared, you'll see that he replied to a person's comment saying that it was his buddy, Chuck Kourouklis, who voiced Hershel, and the one who voiced Toad and Bufkin too. (and apparently Adam's Youtube username is called, 'Adam Harrington voice actor')

        • So I was right! Lol. St. John. And also, everytime Bluebleard talks I hear Lee and I think it's hysterical xD In the comics, I went from disliking him, to tolerating him, to kinda liking him, to feeling a bit bad for him, then to hating his guts. And then when he reappeared later I still hated him but not a super ton because despite his intentions, he made beautiful things happen to other people <3 (Like my anti-spoiler Comic post?)

          • Haha, same here! When I first read the comics, I totally read Bluebeard's dialogue in Lee's voice in my head, seriously! :D Plus, he comes back? :O Thank the maker, since I thought he was gone for good after his quarrel with, ya know... (P.C.) Anyways, I did like your anti-spoiler comic post. Keep it up when you can!

            • Yeah, well, shit goes down (excuse my French). And I really don't completely hate him, I think he's just a jerk. The only Fable I will completely hate no matter what you say is Jack Horner. He is...well you've got a taste of his tendencies from the game, but he only gets more dislikable throughout the comics.

        • I dont hear it, but I do hear Hershel in his voice.

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