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What makes Kenny such a like-able character? I never really cared for him but all the kenny supports whats so special about him? Also Favorite character between Clem, Kenny Lee and Nate


  • it might be beacuse he has that 2nd in command character type going on [ he is the garrus to lee's shepard ] if you agree with him.

  • Because Kenny has the stache.

  • His moustache has powers.

  • "You've always been there for me, man. Always had my back when it mattered. What kind of a friend would I be, If I wasn't there for you now? Bitten or not, I'm with you to the end. You can count on me."

    Well, that's at least my reason for liking Kenny.

  • Well, many Kenny supporters are Kenny supporters because they sided with Kenny a lot in the game. I did. Because of that, he came off as one of the most badass and competent members of the group, saving Lee's life on three separate occasions. Possibly four, if he comes to find Clem and Lee misses the belltower jump. And his final scene in Episode 5 was one of the few heroic "deaths" (if he actually DID die) that were ever in the game. Only Chuck and Lee got the same treatment.

  • Lee wasn't a leader, imo

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    it might be beacuse he has that 2nd in command character type going on [ he is the garrus to lee's shepard ] if you agree with him.

  • Kenny's bro speech he gave me about how i could always count on him just made me love him, then after jumping off the bell tower i actually missed the jump but Kenny grabbed me before i fell, the man was an honorary badass.


  • His quotes, his sense of humor, the mustache, the mullet, his memorable personality.

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    I'm not sure, honestly, I was just drawn to him. Sure he can be a dick a lot, but he can be a real friend too. Plus the mustache.

  • I don't think Kenny's above hypocrisy, and my love/hate relationship with him rose to conflictual levels, but I still think he was one of the more three-dimensional characters of the group.

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    I actually agree with most of his decisions and what he says, even though they can be a bit harsh. One of the few people who actually wants to take initiative and is pretty competent. He may be selfish and paranoid but he cares about his family and close friends and is pretty rational (if you side with him)

  • Unrelated, but does anyone have a video of missing the jump? I'm too lazy to play S1.

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    honestly I liked Kenny the most cause he was the one person (besides Leementine) that made it to episode 5. I sided with him on most things in my original playthrough but on casual conversations I was usually kind of a dick to him. made some interesting dialogue choices since He was my best friend but we had our arguments. I didn't really start taking the game seriously till I found mark upstairs missing his legs, though.

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    Well, I've got kinda love/hate feelings towards Kenny. The love the fact that he is loyal and will protect his family at all costs and also that he is pretty resourceful. But I hate how is rather selfish and will only help you if you side with him, and also he tends to forget what other people have done for him in the past. Overall I like the guy and it would be good to see him show up again soon.

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