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  • Thank you! I was missing #8 in Affection.
  • Well, the list is now complete. (I think.)
  • Heh. I was just about to post the same thing. Very Metal!
  • Hey, I own that shirt!

    By the way, I did all the ones up top and I wasn't invincible.
  • A shirt?! Oh man, that's not fair! I wanted that cool German Hat..:(
  • poohead900;96646 said:
    By the way, I did all the ones up top and I wasn't invincible.
    Ditto that. I got all of the "ones up top" and didn't get invincibility or infinite lives. After I got 50k, I got the highest rank and the 'Zeen shirt, but still not invincible. Are you sure you don't need to get an even crazier score (75k? 100k?) in HBO or something else?

    Or is it wearing that costume that does it?
    Edit: No, I don't think that costume does it, either.
  • I don't think the clothing would make a difference. I was hoping to get something funny out of Strong Sad wearing the sloshy shirt, but alas, nothing.
  • The invincible cheat is not as obvious as you would think... Once you lose both lives it just keeps going, and you never get a "Game over" it just keeps going till you quit.

    (Either that or its a bug with my Save Game, I dunno.)

    EDIT: Yeah, just a bug... It only worked once.

    Also, I am writing my "did you try" list right now as we speak. But I am going to wait till after the official awesomeness guide is posted before I put it up.
  • When do you talk to Coach Z after sabotaging the Two-O-Duo? In Extended Play? Normal Play? Which place?

    Nevermind, did that...
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