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  • Turns out (as far as I can tell) that each of the Mini Glasses is specifically placed, instead of awarded in order like the Manual pages.
  • Huh, check this out...

    I knew I saw that Limozeen shirt and headband before, they were in episode one!

    Anyone remember this scene? ;)

  • Ah, good eye!

    (Heh. I didn't intend for that to be a pun when I typed it.)

    Edit: Oh, and I added the mysterious hidden shirt to the first post. Not really sure if it belongs here, since it doesn't contribute to Awesomeness, but whatever.
  • Dude, thanks for gettin' all my lists in order, I figured putting them in separate threads would make them easier to keep track of, but it was starting to get difficult differentiating glitches, misguided ppl, and bonified actual expressions of affection or musical moments or whatever and this gets them finally organized in a complete list.
  • ReverendTed;97018 said:
    I guess that time I scored just over 48000 points and was sooo frustrated was even more ridiculous because I just assumed it wasn't enough based on what I'd read elsewhere. Duh.
    Dang, man. That's rough.
    How much more did you play before you broke 50?

    Edit: I think I may have contributed to the 50k rule, my bad.
  • poohead900;97042 said:
    Dang, man. That's rough.
    How much more did you play before you broke 50?
    Maybe another couple of rounds. I'd started to get into the groove of it by that point.
  • Yeah, playing these types of arcade games is a lot like doing a dance... after a while you just get into a "groove"

    (or till you use a bug/cheat to win)

    Of course with real arcade games, they cost 25 cents per turn, they get expensive, you are never able to keep that blasted high score. After a while you realize that a "girlfriend" is a hell of a lot cheaper to keep...

    Ill stop talking now.
  • Good point. I think that one redeeming quality of HBO is that once your up in the levels, you can kiss a groove goodbye. Its just a little too fast to be boring. Its reaching that point that makes the game not-so-replayable.

    On a side note: If you were to unplug an arcade cabinet, would the high scores erase? Like that one Seinfeld episode with Frogger? Or is it non-volatile, or have a standby battery?

    Just out of sheer curiosity....

    Edit: I was going to say something about quarter slugs and the price of arcade games, but I cant find any sites to buy them! I guess selling counterfeit coins is a bit of a no-no. I know that washers still work on some gumball machines.
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