Telltale's evil plan to fool everyone.



  • Not a bad guy for a Murderer.

    I think it's because Clementine was a little girl, little girls would be scared of grown men, she took her chances with Lee and he was a good guy.

  • huh never thought of that

    Schmoooples posted: »

    I've never seen anyone mention this before but what if somebody goes missing in episode 2 and everyone thinks they're dead until that point in the episode?

  • The thing is CLementine really doesn't know or think with certain that molly, Lilly and vernon are dead and her reaction hints that is some she saw or was told that was dead. THat's why I bet Kenny even if my Lee's relationship with Kenny was crap and I was pro-Lilly. SO I would bet it's Kenny and the way I see it being Lilly is because of the all comic and novels mess up... I agree with the hating thing, I had a kind of akward love-hate relantionship with Kenny and didn't really liked him but I think it would be cool if he didn't died.

  • Well I am sorry about this but to people who thinks Vernon is back:
    Check the status line.

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