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  • I would think it's Lily because if you watch the clip Clementine sounds almost angry when she says "Your supposed to be dead." I only call spoiler just in case anyone (For whatever reason) hasn't played the first episode yet.

  • Really reading between the lines, her words don't really relay a rush. Sounds like a teacher or parent reminding a student that they should start working on their project because it's due in a couple of weeks, not just one week.

    That's why my new date is February 25th.

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    Two tweets now about 400 Days. Looks like we're in for a action packed second episode.

  • The second episode will be released on 25 february or 4 march.

  • 25 February for PC/play station NA 26 for xbox/ play station EU IOS that same week.

  • Guys, literally take everything Telltale has said about 400 days, characters, all there tweets, vines, and Facebook statuses . . . and throw it out the window. The game could come out next week or next month. Telltale is run by a bunch of people who have no grasp on how to be a functional company.

  • This isn't official, it's just my prediction.

  • Dude for 3 hours of content made in a month TT is an amazing company. Please don't bash them. They're my lover.

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    I say March 18th!

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    I meant February 18

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    Gravity cat not amused.

  • Im seriously doubting a February release. The first or second week of March seems more likely. They're handling like 4 different IP's now. Seemingly, at once. Going forward, I doubt Telltale puts out anything within that 4-6 week window. Its probably going to be 2-3 months between episodes from now on.

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    Telltale themselves once said they won't be working on other projects until both The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us is finished. I wouldn't worry too much yet. The waiting for the second episode for all Telltale titles have been slightly longer than usual. Starved for Help took 64 days to launch. The real judgement if they will extend the gap between episodes would be while waiting for In Harm's Way.

  • First of all, they don't do make that content in a month but in 2-3 or more months because they can't work like they promise. They should change their "usually" to "rarely" and no one would complain again. And yes, I know someone will bring up the Christmas excuse again, but believe me, many people have to work even on holidays. Secondly, if not for their extraordinary gameplay and self-insert story, the company would not have existed very long. Even monkeys can do better PR and snails would have less problems releasing within the promised time.

  • Aww come on people 5 thumbs down? Oh well regardless thanks for the responses.

  • So this delay for the game is due to "hyping" the TV series? Ok that's understandable. I guess I can be alittle more patient.

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    The News Among Us, Episode 6: "Still waiting for the "news""

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    I'm sorry but I'm about to ask a very pety/childish question that has nothing to do with the topic. How do you "don't do" something?

    "they don't do make that content in a month"

  • I think it could be the guy who stole Clem? It could be if you choked him but not if Clem shot it for you because you're terrible at "Q's".

  • I agree we can't rush but at the same time how long does it honestly take to perfect something?

  • They played through the episode fully for the first time, that means all that is left is bug fixes. Unless something else happens.

  • They can take as long as they want, only means it can get better. Unless of course something goes on behind the scenes that they don't want to tell us about. Either way, it is apparently nearly finished and it is in the time frame of two months, like Telltale promised.

  • Sorry, I should reword it. It's so they can use the TV series to help hype the game and the game to hype the TV series, maximum sales for them and the TV ratings go up

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    Hopefully that means legit info soon. TWAU hype is almost over so TWD hype can come out. I think that's the main reason there wasn't info yesterday, too close to TWAU, Idk why they wouldn't otherwise

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    She found her backpack with the water in it at the end of the episode though, she probably still has them.

  • I've always said I'd rather wait for a game that works than Bethesda's model where they put out a glitch fest and rely on the modding community to fix it.

  • Wrong. whatever date it releases (18th being my prediction) It will come out PC/MAC AND xbox first, then the next day for all ps3 users. TTG always switches from console to console each episode. first episode released first in ps3, now it will release second on xbox. Just like the wolf among us, to make it fair.

  • This is bullshit. They should really not have 2 to 4 months between games. I played season 1 back to back and it was amazing and it just has a bigger impact. You really get into it. Having to get this stuff piecemeal by piecemeal is tedious. It';s like pulling hairs. I dont find it exciting. They should do what netflix does, release a whole season of a show they produced at once. And regardless of when they do it - in one go or over time - 6 weeks between episodes should be the maximum and yes it is possible if the project is planned accordingly.

  • you can't force something like that.. that's really rude. I know it's rude for them not to give out any news. But still, this isn't right lol

  • I personally hate what Netflix does because I would like to be able to take some time to think about each episode and comment it with my friends.

    For example, I feel that I've enjoyed Game of Thrones much more than House of Cards, simply because after each episode of GoT everyone was talking about it and I could share opinions about what was happening and what's going to happen. I never had such interesting conversations about House of Cards because I never met anyone that was in the same point of the series as me. I think that House of Cards is a much better series than Game of Thrones, but I've enjoyed it much less because of this.

    The only thing I don't like about Telltale's way of doing things is how random the wait times are. If they could commit to a date (like TV series do) from the beginning I think it would be perfect.

  • Ya damn right! I think it will be one of the best yet.

  • you dont have to watch each episode back to back if you dont want to on Netflix, though. But if someone wanted to, and quite a few people do, then that option being available is great to have. And yeah I agree. If they just announced the dates instead of this mildly vague "stay tuned" . "more to come" ...that certainly would help. The open endedness of it all makes me think they're just making this up as they go and that's kinda of a bad thing with story telling in such a format.

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