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Limozeen game help

posted by Natey9 on - last edited - Viewed by 986 users
How the heck am I supposed to get 50,000 points?!?!
Whoever has, how did you do it?!?!:confused::confused::confused:
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    Will BANNED
    Ah, well that's true. But the game definitely keeps getting faster and harder.
  • Yeah, I didn't get any farther than 7, so I couldn't really tell other than by that.
  • Dangerzone;96702 said:
    (An unexplainable cheat glitch helped me reach the 250,000 score, which probably set some kinda record in the process.)
    Yeah, I doubt that will fall anytime soon. Once I get up around 110k, its hard as hell.

    You set the bar, buddy.

    Start a new thread and see if anyone beats it!
  • I'm not entirely sure if that constitutes a record since it was with a glitch, but it sure is the highest regardless.
  • Yeah, I know it was a glitch, but its like the high score of an arcade game. You see your piddly little 80,000 versus the 270,000 that gets its name plastered on the screen while your trying to eat your ice cream. You loathe that person for either being too good, or spending too many quarters on pac-man. You don't know where that score came from, how many quarters were dumped into the machine, or exactly who you are attempting to beat. None of that matters -- It's been done. You must eat more ghosts, and stomp that no-named foe into the number 2 spot. Once you do, he will be crushed, forced to watch your initials, not his, come across the screen. You sleep better at night because of it. Your children will tell of stories of how their father beat the pac-man high score in 1989. Your grandchildren will know what pac-man was, and that their grandpappy was the best at the ice cream place. In our futuristic dystopian society, you can lay unstirred in your grave knowing, that somewhere in the deep crusts of the earth is a little piece of 70's era silicon with your initials carved permanently into its memory address for the top score.

    Wow that got long, and if it sounds douchebaggy, I'm sorry, didn't mean to be!

    And if you ate at the Dar-E-Kreme in Cedar Hill in 1994 (yeah, in 1989 I wasn't old enough), Somebody owes me $20 in quarters, a few bowls of ice cream, a Lamborghini, a 4000+ sq. ft. mansion, and a trophy wife for what could have been, had I only had the muster to beat you.
  • Wow, that seriously happened?
  • Not really.
    Sounded kinda good though, right?
  • It seems when I play HBO, if I get a higher score, but I don't get the high score, I still rank up. Cool!
  • I gotta say that HBO was probably my least favourite of the first three Videlectrix games. Maybe if they offered more lives (or a way to get more lives) or something that'd be nice. But by level 6 it's just getting so fast and crazy I can hardly keep up. Level 7 was impossible for me.
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