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  • Combination of immaturity, entitlement and outright trolling.

  • I think we MIGHT get a trailer by tomorrow, they're starting to post about TWD now..

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    They have been for a couple of days now. Referring to the 400 Days promotions, the "Gimme that hat. Where'd you get it?" poster, and puzzlebox teasing about her playthrough of A House Divided. Yesterday Read Retro shared an interview with Melissa as well.

    I agree. A trailer tomorrow makes the 18th a excellent launch candidate.

  • 18th sounds like a reasonable date since February is a short month. Hopefully we will get it :)

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    Gosh ... 18th ? no way .. its not even certificated

    As I said .. as long as its is not proofed it will not be released.
    Date of Certification + 2 - 3 weeks (eventually more) = RELEASE

    cmon - downvoters

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    Cmon downvoters ? Here is your downvote then. snip

    Mod edit: Insulting members for NOTHING? Is this what the community has come to?

  • It's only been a week since the second episode of TWAU came out, of course they will keep talking about it! They have already started teasing TWD but TWAU is still practically new. If you just released a game you would be talking about it too rather then just letting it die.
    However, if that sort of thing carried out for about a month with Telltale then I would start to believe it.

    I'm pretty sure The Walking Dead has a bigger fanbase/more customers then The Wolf Among Us though, mainly because The Walking Dead is what brought Telltale into the "mainstream" as I've heard people say. It also was like the #1 Let's Played thing in 2012 but that is just my guess and I can't really compare that to TWAU or anything. Either way, Telltale does not strike me as a company who would delay a game just so they can milk the most money out of another game, a lot of companies probably do that but I think/hope Telltale is different on that matter.

    As far as I'm concerned, TWD and TWAU are both great games but ever since I started posting in this thread you guys have been making me think there is this huge war going on between them about which one is better and which one deserves more attention. I hope that's not real but that's all I could think about when typing this.

  • We are doing something called PREDICTING. We are not saying that 18th is 100% right.. please stop shoving incorrect facts down our throats thank you.

  • If this were the case you wouldn't find it as awesome. What makes a tv show good? Suspense and anticipation. If you had all your pestering questions answered immediately there'd be no investment on your part. Think about how much more you want the answers now that you have to wait.

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    @vivec - whats ur problem .. i always thought u were the cool guy here ?

    WTF ..@ ayylmao - Incorrect facts ? whats incorrect .. Cant u read ? Look at the dates of this site and check it with the release dates
    of the episodes ?!?!

    GOSH ... just kiddies here ? get a job -- it will be released ...... someday

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    Don't test us. We're all on edge. Making statements like that is like shouting fire on a plane. We don't need more bad news.

  • We will believe what we want to believe, if you believe it won't come out on the 18th then so be it. The rest of us will belies that it's coming on the 18th.

  • How is he/she "testing" you by pointing out a verifiable fact and then making a reasonable inference about it?

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    ...Get a job? Now your criticism is turning into insults. It doesn't matter if you have a job, studying, or are unemployed, in order to be a member here. Do you have a job? Judging by your attitude I highly doubt it. Still we accept you to hang around here...

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    Don't call on the downvoters it attracts more, don't let it be an issue.

    I am going to be optimistic and say i hope that the Aus classification board has a copy but they haven't put the details on their website yet.

    Added info: I just looked in their website and it says this

    How long will it take?

    Geneally, classification decisions for films, computer games and publications can take up to 20 working days to process once the applciation has been recommended to the Board. For some films and computer gmaes, you can pay a Priority Processinf Fee (PPF), which will drop the time down to 5 working days. Information about which applications attract a PPF can be found in the Industry section.

    So it could take them between 5-20 days to classify the game from the time Telltale submit a copy to them, so there is still a chance that the game is finished but the board hasn't finished the rating yet but they say it takes 24 hours for them to put their decision on their website.

    Decisions are published on the National Classification Database the day after application processing is complete.

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    Very informative professor.

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    ahh... well I had an update which let me zoom out the camera down to the shins of the characters, so it made it easier to see

  • I do have a new game coming out next month, but unfortunately that's too late for me to kill time before Ep2.

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    ... I smell several Trolls downvoting me

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    never mind I was trying to joke about my downvotes making a straight flush but that didn't work

  • Orrrrr.... it could be being released late in australia?

  • That...doesn't really make any sense as a response. But sure.

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    Just trying to make you acknowledge the fact that you don't help, nor support the circumstances, with your input.

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    At this point I think we all became either a pissed-off Kenny or a paranoid Lilly, right now I'm a pissed-off Kenny but in a more rational mood, if that makes sense.

  • None of us are. The circumstances are that we're all eager for the game to be released soon. Nothing we say here is going to help in that regard. Certainly not chastising someone for stating an actual fact that might be indicative of the progress of the game's release.

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    yes I don't have a job, but does that mean I wont ever get one, no, I'm been preparing my career since grade 8 and still am to get into the manga industry and have a successful life, I wont be getting one now but right now I have to look out for my family , anyway I'll be taking a break from this forum as things have gotten out of hand, maybe I'll be back on Friday I don't know

  • It's an international forum. Trying to participate in the discussion as a non native speaker and then getting reprimanded by members who don't even use capital letters particularly often - well, let's just say people feel that sting.

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    Don't doubt it- people can, and do, get banned for the tiniest things...

    No they don't. But if a member thinks it is particularly funny to just plain bring panic into the forum by posting "It's out" messages on release days, moderators have on occasion chosen to extract these members from the forum until the next day (the so called 24 hour bans). That's less of a punishment and more of a "We don't need your 'humor' right now" ban. The last thing you need on release days are such annoying pranks on the forum while the community is on edge already.

    On days which are not release days, we're pretty cool about the matter though, because it's only embarrassing to the specific user.

  • Certainly not chastising someone for stating an actual fact that might be indicative of the progress of the game's release.


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    Looking over the other entries for Telltale, I'm not so sure that the lack of a certification for Episode 2 necessarily means that it won't be out soon.

    In the past, with things like Sam & Max and Back to the Future, Telltale apparently had to get each episode certified individually as well as the game as a whole. But with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, I don't see certifications for every episode, only 400 Days, All That Remains, and Smoke and Mirrors for The Wolf Among Us.

    If you look at the right-most column where it says "Consumer Advice," you'll see that the listings for each of those episodes includes something in it that wasn't in the entry for the game as a whole. 400 Days lists "strong bloody violence" and "coarse language," All That Remains lists "high impact violence," and Smoke and Mirrors lists "sexual references."

    This leads me to believe that nowadays, individual Telltale episodes only need to be certified if the mature content included in the episode goes beyond the certification for the game as a whole. So it might just be the case that A House Divided just doesn't warrant any new ratings so it doesn't need to be certified on its own.

    TL;DR: Not so fast, TWD Season 2, Episode 2 could still be coming out on the 18th.

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    Exactly, none of us are. Chastising someone for stating a fact, but in this case not a valid fact as the Classification page is Australian after all. It have been first with data than other sites at different occasions, yes, I agree. But that doesn't make it a fully reliable source. Am I right to doubt, or chastise someone for stating this should be considered as legit source? Of course I am. It might be indicative to the release, just as any other source on the internet. This doesn't mean we have to believe in it. Now insert statement from Telltale Games, that I can believe.

  • just kiddies here ? get a job

    God damn disappointment. Good impression ruined instantly.

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    @FreddenN93 originally posted: I was actually thinking about what you said about going after someone for stating a fact. I really took that in...

    ...And I disagree.

    That you seem rather proud of your opposition to facts and reality is disconcerting, but I suppose there's not much I can do about that.

    It's a page run by the Australian government. People who are actually given details about the game before it's released and who can determine whether or not the game is released at all there. Just what the hell do you consider a legit source if not that?

  • You made yourself look like bit of a dumb-dumb with that comment, no offence. A job isn't required to to just join a community you know.

    The more you know.

  • i'm not sure about every one else but i have a job

  • No, DON'T react to that

  • i know and i don't really care because i have better stuff to care about

  • Oh, it really IS a "reliable source".

    But the data you get on the page certainly is not "TWD S2E2 won't come out on the 18th".

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