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I miss Sam and Max

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Yeah, the Walking Dead Game was great but now I'm beggining to miss Sam and Max. The game was awesome and it had lots of comedy and puzzles.
I wish Telltale would make a season 4 just to show that Telltale hasn't forgotten about Sam and Max and the fans of Sam and Max.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    You aren't alone. Granted, I think they had a good run during the three Seasons, but I would always be down for more Sam and Max.

    • Yeah, I would be happy if we would get a season 4. To be honest, it seems that Telltale will only focus on the Walking Dead and other new games like Fables, Borderlands etc and the other TTG games will be left in the dust. Hell, I don't think Back To The Future will have a second season very soon.

  • My heart sunk a little when I saw this forum was now banished to the "view all games" section.

    Really though, it's the characters/franchise I miss more than anything. It's such a unique brand of humor and atmosphere, that you wind up still wondering about it 4 years later.

  • at least sam and max have at leat achance to come back, we'll never even see strong bad again, and i don't mean sbcg4ap season 2, i mean ever see him again (but i also am pretty sad about sam and max as well, and i miss them too, just not as much)

  • I think I read from somewhere that the TTG doesn't plan on making Season 4, but they think they might make separate episodes at some point in the future.

    I guess that's better than nothing, but still I would prefer Season 4 over the new franchises, despite the fact that I'm Game of Thrones fan (I have never heard about Borderlands before). However it was Sam & Max and Monkey Island which brought me here, because I was fan of LucasArts' Sam & Max: Hit the Road and Monkey Island -series.

    • I don't know about the possibility of there never being a season 4, but there was an article on IGN where they were talking about their "dream IPs" (Game of Thrones, most likely), and at the end of the article, they specifically mentioned Sam & Max. They said they weren't working on a full-season, but something "Poker"-sized. To me, that's at least something, so I'm hopeful and happy on that account :D Now all we have to do is wait for them to announce it, which is the hard part >_<

      BTW, here's the link if you wanted to look at it:

      • Sounds like we have read same interviews, but my interpretation of this:

        Bruner also emphasized, "We love Sam & Max and certainly haven't forgotten about them! I think you'll see something smaller (more like Poker) than a full Season, and probably not for a bit, but we have NOT forgotten about them, we've just been super busy growing like crazy."

        is that they aren't currently planning on making a new season, but might make separate episodes.

  • I really miss Sam & Max to. When telltale posted on reddit that they won't be making another season of Sam & Max I think I died a little inside. I mean I love both TWD and TWAU but I don't want telltale to forget the series that made them well "Telltale". Telltale please don't let my favorite IP from yours die.

  • Decided I'd pop in the sam and max forums just to agree, I miss Sam and Max, and the days back before the telltale forums were a cesspool of complaining about episodes not being out yet.

  • I think more than anything I really miss the sense of humor Sam and Max had. I understand why telltale likes their serious games, and they've all been really good, but Sam and Max had such solid writing and was so creative in its comedy! I would defiantly welcome independent episodes, I just want to spend more time in the weird world with all the brilliantly bizarre characters!

  • Sam and Max as a series will never be revisited by Telltale again -- the series is dead. The best you can hope for is appearances in things like Poker Night 3 etc. As a point and click adventure game, Telltale has no intentions of ever doing that again.

  • ^ that is a terrible thing to say.

    Sam and Max is really something I fell in love with after playing the Tell Tale games version of it. It was witty, weird, funny, I learned a lot of vocabulary, the stories were amazing, I liked to shoot at random stuff, and I FREAKING LOVE THE CHARACTERS.

    Sam and Max staring up at the large statue of Max in "They Stole Max's Brain"

    Max: Hey Sam, from this angle you can see my great big honking--

    Sam: Zip it, little buddy

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Sam and Max staring up at the large statue of Max in "They Stole Max's Brain" Max: Hey Sam, from this angle you can see my great big honking-- Sam: Zip it, little buddy

      I either missed that quote, or don't remember it. Either way, what a shame.

      There was also that weird quote about the spark plugs from The Penal Zone, though. :P

  • Telltale will not be revisiting Sam & Max as a game. The best you can hope for is little cameos in other games. But as for a Season 4, Telltale couldn't be less interested in revisiting the series. Kind of wish they would relinquish control of the franchise to someone who cares about it.

    • I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be saying that a lot recently. And to be frank, we don't know that for sure. We know Telltale is working on something Sam & Max related that's smaller than a season, but they never said anything about never doing another season or game again. I'm more in favor of keeping an optimistic mind about this sort of thing :D

      Personally, I'm curious as to why you seem solidly convinced that Telltale doesn't care about Sam & Max anymore (especially when Kevin Bruner said "We love Sam & Max and certainly haven't forgotten about them!" in an article about other games). If you can provide us with some sort of evidence that they said they're never doing another Sam & Max game again, well, then I'd have more of a mind to believe it.

      Here's the link to the article I mentioned, in case you're interested (the Sam & Max mention is at the end of the article, right below the video):

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