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  • What gets me annoyed is the evasiveness of it all. They keep beating around the bush with these posts. Just give an update. I don't care about the date, but I just want them to officially acknowledge their loyal customers. They've gone past the estimated time-frame, so it would be courteous and good customer service for them to give some sort of official statement or update. I think people wouldn't be so PO'd if they did that.

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    It won't. It just makes me feel better. ;)

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    Don't worry, I gave your Willy Wonka meme a downvote. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  • I Can tell you one thing, definetly not vernon, molly, or glenn. when clem said i thought you were dead, she has a disgusted face, so it was someone that was a threat or someone she did not like. that leaves hershel, lilly, or kenny. Clementine didn't really know that kenny was dead, in other words, nobody physically told her that he was dead. in my opinion, it could be hershel or lilly, but im leaning over towards lilly, clementine never thought that hershel was dead.

  • well, i have some evidence it could be lilly more than kenny. When clementine said "I thought you were dead", she had like a disgusted/surprised face, and lilly wasnt really a loved person. besides, nobody actually told clementine that kenny was gone.

  • I second your sentiment. I have several magazine subscriptions, I watch several television shows, and I read a couple newspapers. ALL are "episodic" in nature, ALL deliver on time and if they don't, they promptly inform me, their loyal customer, as to the reason why. THIS is why I continue to pay in advance for these things. I can trust these companies. I cannot trust Telltale anymore and that makes me sad. I think they have a lot of potential and they have a lot of talent, but their PR department is horrible. They need to get their ducks in a row before I consider investing my money in them again. This is the nature of the market. If you don't treat your customers well, you'll eventually lose them and someone else will fill that gap and capitalize on it. I'll have to find other games to occupy my time after TWD S2 is done. There's plenty of good ones out there and I was thinking about getting an Xbox One anyway, so that will probably be my new gaming experience.

  • I predict the walking dead will come out on February the 26th 2014

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    It's not announcement but I'LL, GOSH-DANG, TAKE IT! :D

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  • That's it..i'm done with this. The best part of this less than 1 hour game were all of you. How can you delay something for so long? Something that doesn't even have the best graphics or gameplay and that last so little? And, at the top of all that, how can you be so rude towards the people giving you money!?
    I'm not coming back here unless i see a very well written apology, maybe even a video. Letters are writen by people who have nothing to do with this.

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    Twitter post from Job Stauffer a couple hours ago

    @jobjstauffer: Played the latest Ep of #TheWalkingDead today & you'll all be playing too super soon! Look for important updates over the next few days! ;)

    Hopefully we'll get some more info and a release date this weekend

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    "Something that doesn't even have the best graphics or gameplay and that last so little?"

    And costs only half of the price of your average AAA game. OUTRAGEOUS!


    You are aware there's still 4 more episodes to come? And each of them holds some replayability value?

  • So? what's your point? you are going to defend someone who insults you at your face just because he charges you less than someone capable?..

  • Even if the graphics or gameplay aren't that extravagant, part of the excitement of playing WALKING DEAD is witnessing how you can personally embellish the story. To accommodate this, Telltale has to account for a lot of variables. Those take time to plan, write, record, and animate. There could be five or six versions of the same basic scene, depending on what you have Clementine do. Even when Telltale tries to check off EVERYTHING, they can still get a few details wrong (such as Lee sparing Danny during episode 1's flashback sequence if you didn't kill Andy).

    Although I definitely agree that episode 2 should be much longer than what we've been given so far, I can understand how much time a project like this can eat up. Keeping the fans in the dark for months on end, on the other hand, is a different issue.

  • I understand that this can take a long time, but they shouldn't have told us that each episode would take 4-6 weeks if that's the case.

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    I didn't know I've been insulted in anyway?

    I never took 4-6 weeks as anything but a rough estimate that may or may not hold. And I consider folks at Telltale very capable storytellers and graphical designers considering their resources. I find the graphical choices quite fine actually. Not to mention VAs and musical choices, top notch.


    If it's AAA-level eyecandy you're looking for, I think you've chosen a wrong game.

  • I think fans here would much prefer a "Hey we're hard at work on Episode 2! Is it done? NOPE!" Then nothing at all.

  • I'm not insulted by the quality of the game and i never said that. You are choosing what to read. Read again

  • "Just tell me what you want and I will very carefully explain why it can not be"

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    Well, maybe phrase your posts a bit better then? It does kinda send a message that you are at least somewhat dissatisfied with the quality.

    Telltale aren't biggest developer out there and making games, no matter the quality, takes time.


    I knew what I bought, I knew what I will get (waiting periods) and am fine with it.

  • I'm pretty sure there's a script already and that the recordings have been made (at least for the current episode) and, IMO, what's left are the animations and like I said: it's not a game in which the graphics demand much, the gameplay consist in walking and clicking (running is "walk faster", same animation) and it's for those same reason it should have been released already (and i don't mean today..i mean some days ago, being nice). It doesn't consume the amount of time as other projects.
    Also, it's not a project. It's your work. If I delay something for this amount of time and I also fail at delivering an answer to the clients, i would be most people. And that is what i want, an answer. Like it should be.

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    " (running is "walk faster", same animation) "


    Hear that? Thats the palm of my hand hitting my face.

  • English is not my language. and like I said: "How can you delay something for so long?" "And, at the top of all that, how can you be so rude towards the people giving you money!?".
    Quality was mentioned as a measure. The higher the quality, the more time it takes.
    It was a matter of quantity, as I said earlier. The amount of time.
    And also, the lack of RP. The lack of contact with your clients. The lack of info. Those are a little more personal things. What of the people who paid for everything and are being ignored? like it is for granted that they'll still be little respect.

    My english might need work but the idea was pretty clear in all comments, i believe.

  • Really? because the animation is the same when i pressed "shift".

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    Not my native language either, just a lots and lots of movies. And some literature.

    I think I understand the confusion here. See, I count playtime and replayability value to the concept of quality when it comes to games. "Something that doesn't even have the best graphics or gameplay and that last so little?" Thats the comment that made me think you're not satisfied with the quality.

    On the PR thing. I actually agree with you, to a point. But keep in mind that we don't know what kind of legal boundaries they have when it comes to announcing any information related to a product still on development. Have you ever heard of Non-Disclosure Agreements?


    I'm sorry if I came rather aggressive on you but it makes me frown when I see people giving these silly ultimatums to developers and assume to know their development methods.

  • Dang it I gave you a pony anyway

  • oh god i got cancer just by looking at that gif

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    There you go. An ACTUAL pony and not cancer

  • Not a big thing and i'm actually quite glad that we could finish this discussion peacefully ^_^ now i just need to find the person chasing me with dislikes xD
    Yes, i work with burocracy all day so i know what those agreements are all about. Still..i don't feel like that is the explanation here. I try to believe in the most practical and obvious answer to the problems..and here, looks like they just don't care. There's no contract for a "sorry, guys!" or anything like least, and like i've said so far, IMO.

  • That was mean, I'm sorry.

    There is actually running... and crouching. But those aren't player controlled. Anyhow, making animations is a tougher work than you might think.


    And would people please stop assuming they know how Telltales development process goes. They probably have core-story done before first episode hits the shelves, doesn't mean they could make changes to the story during the development of the rest of the episodes.

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