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Strong Mad's Room???

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Hey my first post here! :D

Anyways, we've seen a number of videos featuring the Strong House. We've seen:

- Strong Bad's Room
- Strong Sad's Room
- The Basement
- Kitchen (NEW!)
- The Computer Room

But where's Strong Mad's Room!? Where will I get origami in the shape of a "praying mantis"!? Where am I supposed to get a handful of pasta salad from a clothing drawer!? And how will I get the jibblies from a creepy painting!?



P.S. After checking the hrwiki, I almost forgot about including the room with The Cheat's Tangerine Dreams (which may just be the regular Computer Room). Would be awesome for SB to make jokes about how "new" and "uneedfully powerful" it is :cool:

Oh and The Bathroom ... wow I'm such a H*R nerd purist :p
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