Questions about the blade, the cut & a magic mirror

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Hopefully this hasn't been covered already, and I haven't read the comics, but don't be afraid to spoil some things for me if you have to. I'm okay with it.

First, some basic questions about the magic and the severed heads.

Do these (presumably) magical cuts merely sever the bodies but not the spirit? Do Snow and Faith see and feel their heads in a separate place from their bodies, and is the 'lips are sealed' binding an added insurance to prevent revealing the location in case someone figured out how to get their heads to talk? Also, outside of the gritty details, does a Fable's ability to survive have anything to do with how renown their own story is or not?

Maybe one clue to reconnecting these women comes from Grendel's effort to reattach his arm (if you chose to tear it off as Bigby)?

Anyway, I was thinking about the blade that was used by Lawrence, bloodied and laying on the floor in his apartment. When I considered the stain on the bed, it seems as if he cut his wrist while sitting on the corner, with one leg pointing toward the window, and the other toward the TV, hence the pooling over the bed corner and onto the floor. However, in some playthroughs, Lawrence prepares an ambush with you, revealing that he is right handed when holding the gun (if I recall correctly).

Oddly, why would he use his left hand to cut himself? Wouldn't he do a more precise and accurate job with his dominant hand?

This got me thinking about the mirror. If you can view people, and you can control what it can or can't say, is it a stretch to use it to watch and control someone with it? Enough to get someone drunk and inhibited enough to go through with something that he felt like doing?

That is, if you were controlling someone facing you by viewing them in a mirror, their left hand would line up with your right hand, assuming you needed to move with them to perform such a lethal action. Also, the note on the bed was stuck there with blood, which may mean that If someone controlled Lawrence, the note was written before the 'self-harm' took place, though that doesn't explain why the words on the note aren't mirrored, unless he was first turned around according to the viewpoint of the person in control which would then properly let both write as it's seen.

So, maybe if there's an exemplar of Lawrence's handwriting it might be possible to give weight to this idea and reveal that his note to Faith was in the handwriting of someone else.

That's my input. Let's see what you guys think.


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    I dunno but for sure "the mirror" or at least the concept of a mirror will have a big part in the upcoming episodes. If you look closley at the end of Episode one there is a police leaving the crime scene with the uniform on like it would look in a mirror while all the other police officers look regular.

  • I loved how they used slow motion during the ending, it was so surprising but epic

  • Yeah it was awesome, one of the best cliffhangers in a while :)

  • Yeah . I agree with you.

  • Mirror only shows you what you want to see?...

    But I'm still thinking it's magic regarding the heads...

  • I don't think the Mirror has the power to control. The Mirror has the power to see, at least it did in the Snow White tale it did. I think some kind of crazy magic is in place. I think some Fairy Godmother, Blue Fairy or magical good guy has gone bad. I mean the big bad wolf went good so why can't they go crazy plus they can create stuff and animate life. The or maybe the Headless Horsemen isn't dead and is using Icabob to do it. He does have an office in a magical item warehouse. lol

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    Alt text

    There is no evidence that Mirror can control people.

    But Lawrence's place is a huge mystery, that's for sure. First of all, the bed.

    The bed is lifted up. Even if you go to Lawrence first and Dee haven't visited him yet.
    Now Lawrence wrote suicide note, we know this from his own words. Why would he put the bed back up after placing the note on it? Someone else lifted it up, maybe because it was in the way (just like Dee lifts it up when it in his way, when you observe him from the closet).

    Now the knife. Bigby says it himself, "why is the knife over there"? Maybe Lawrence wasn't in the chair when he cut himself and dropped the knife wherever he was. The lack of blood near the knife says otherwise, but who knows.

    What's up with the position of the gun and shell casing? Guns handle is facing the wrong way, shell is way over the place it should be if he shot himself while sitting in the chair.

    Alt text

    Alt text

    If you go to Toad's first, and Lawrence "shoots himself in the head" (according to Dee), then his gun will still be on the floor, "not fired for a week".

    Lastly, if you chose to tell Lawrence the lie, "we are following on a gunshot", he says something i thought he couldn't have known.

    * Bigby*: we heard a gunshot.

    * Lawrence*: so you are following on a gunshot from a week ago?

    I thought he was in a clinical death ever since he shot himself up until you find him, so he is unaware what day it is now. And if he figured out that he still wasn't dead he would immediately try to kill himself again (as we can see from pills+alcohol and from the knife), he wouldn't wait a week.

    Conclusion: someone else has been there, before you or Dee.

  • I agree with your conclusion, and might go so far as to say that when you look at Lawrence through the mirror the first time, the person who moved stuff around was probably there at the time. Not only is the blade moved, but the blood pool by Lawrence's right foot is cleaned up, so maybe the culprit didn't know Lawrence was being viewed at the time. I'm not sure why Lawrence is on the floor in one scenario and still in the chair in the other, so maybe he got up for a moment before finally dying?

    Also, Lawrence isn't sure what he remembers since he passed out, so I suspect a 'memory wipe' spell that Crane used to get Bigby out of interrogation.

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    In the scenario where Lawrence is on the floor he also has a gunshot wound in his head. (alternative head number 2)

    As for "memory wipe spell" – I agree that this is definitely possible, but being dead for a week is a good enough explanation of his memory troubles for me.
    I just can't understand how he could know that the week has passed since he shot himself.
    Maybe this is not even a clue but a plothole. We get those a lot, perfume bottle in 207 room being one of them.

  • Hmm, so if Lawrence was shot in the head after Bigby saw him using the magic mirror (because he's otherwise alive despite the chest wound, or does he have two wounds? I don't recall...) then the gun used to shoot him in the head went with the killer in that scenario. And yes, blood loss would explain the hazy memory better than a wipe.

    As for the perfume, I don't see that as a plot hole so much as it could indicate that it was left for someone else to find and use in another ritual once the room was cleaned up again, but Bigby's investigation interrupted that. Also, Faith's and Lily's deaths were only a day apart, so that's a tight schedule, getting from one side of town to another (it's sometime after midnight when you last see Faith and early morning when you get to Lawrence's).

  • I've seen a lot of walkthroughs for the first episode, everyone seems confused by it (me included), but most people don't think that Prince Lawrence was set to look like it was a suicide. It was mention early (when Faith put a axe thru the woodsmen head) that fables are hard to kill. I don't know much about the comics, so maybe that is true. Maybe, in this fable world it is possible to shoot yourself a week ago and survive.

    That said there were other signs, why Faith's letter was with her coat? She didn't want to post it? And it was more like a start of a letter wasn't it? If Lawrence did shot him on the bed, it doesn't make sense if he moved it up, I think whoever did that didn't want Lawrence's note found. So the killer wants to blame it on Faith. Maybe Lawrence shot himself but it doesn't explain the knife, I think the killer came and stab him.

  • Maybe, in this fable world it is possible to shoot yourself a week ago and survive.

    Yes, and he looked pretty dead.
    There are plenty of discrepancies in his flat, but I believe that he was genuinely trying to kill himself and have spent a week in coma or something. The question is, where this discrepancies come from then.

  • In the flat there were more discrepancies you're right, If Lawrence did one, shot/stab himself then the killer did the other. The Killer might have plan to kill Lawrence all along but find him dying and decide "to have a go at him anyway".

    You mention an interesting point. Maybe Lawrence was in a coma, if he was he wouldn't have seen the killer. I was thinking on the lines that the killer would threaten him he would do something to Faith if Lawrence mention who the killer was, so he lied to Bigby and Snow. If you went to Lawrence home first you get a chance to talk to him before he dies/or maybe lives. If Lawrence lives I wonder if he would return in future episodes.

  • I'm assuming he spent a week in a coma since he took two bottles of sleeping pills. Idk D:

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