Does Bigby Wolf have any siblings?

And if so, what ever happened to them?


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    Bigby was one of seven pups born to the North Wind and Winter. He was the runt of the litter and mockingly called the big, bad wolf by his brothers; Bigby for short. He hated his father for leaving his family. When Winter died, his brothers went to learn from the North Wind, but he stayed behind to try to protect Winter's body from scavengers.

  • Later on, Bigby takes his own 7 children to visit his father (Against his will, since Snow made him go) and his kids go playing in the woods to hunt down their first animal. They end up running into these "monsters" in a cave and when Bigby notices they've been gone too long, he goes out to rescue them and defeats the monsters, when he realizes they are his brothers. He becomes the alpha-male and bosses them around for sometime after, eventually sending them into the Indian Fable realm with Mowgli and they've been there ever since.

  • Bigby's kind of like the prodigal son, the only one of his litter to make his own way in the world. He has 6 brothers who are shapeshifters, but they're degenerates. They lived as disfigured monsters for a long time in the wasteland near their father's castle, trying to impress their father, who had no time for them.

  • "trying to impress their father, who had no time for them."
    so does that mean bigby did impress him ? since he did something different than his brothers.

  • Mr North doesn't approve of Bigby's choices to reject his heritage, but it does seem there's some kind of respect there for Bigby's autonomy and control of his own fate.

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