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  • Yeah just click it, that's what I meant. I typed it that way for simplicity. (I typed a lot of items that way, since the guide was already complicated enough.)
  • Hey, just out of curiosity: what happens if you don't pick up the wire in Coach Z's lacker room? Is there a way to get it at one of the stages instead?
  • After the BotB starts, The Track remains on the map until you collect the wire, at which point it will disappear.
  • Dude that's wack, thos dis-a-pearin' lo-ca-shuns.
  • After Battle of the Bands only stages are mapped,
    If you ain't got the hanger you might think yer trapped,
    But fear not 'cause you can still go and check The Track,
    Until you grab that bent wire - then you ain't goin' back!
    (Yo yo, until Extended Play, y'all. Catch ya on the flip-side, Colonel Rockbottom.)
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