Achieve maximum Rock-out-attude (Unofficial Baddest of the bands "Did you try?" list)

So you have played episode 3, became impossibly rocked out... but not ready for it to be over just yet?

Why not bump heads to an encore of baddest of the bands with these commonly missed Easter eggs!

Disclaimers: First, this is a fan written list. Not an official Telltale list. (but lets face it... Mine are better :rolleyes: )

Second, I am going to assume that you have clicked each item at least once, completed the game, and achieved the highest "awesomeness rank" before reading this.

If you have not done the above, Please turn back now! P.S. You can find the episode walk through HERE, and the episode awesomeness guide HERE.

This is not a "Play it again" list so much as "play it multiple times again" list. This is because there are various alternate dialog options depending on the order you solve some puzzles... To see all the alternate puzzle endings, you should save at these points (when you get to them)...

- Before you give the security jacket to Strong Sad.
- Before you have completed any of the "Coach Z street creed" puzzles.
- Before signing up any of the bands.
- Before sabotaging any of the performances.

(These DYT moments that require a savegame are marked with a "*Requires Savegame*")

Ok here we go...

During Baddest of the Bands, Did you?

During the prologue, (Before you bring the fun machine to Bubs)
At the house of Strong,
Throw multiple lightswitch raves until strong bad gets dizzy?
Hear all of Strong Bad's new email intros, and the new ways he says "Deleted" and "Undeleted"?
Talk to Strong Mad about the bats before asking Strong Sad about them?
Click the "Dangeresque" poster twice?
Watch all three rockumentarys on the basement tv?

At the Field,
Spray graffiti on the fence without the stencil? (twice?)
Pick up, and ask Bubs about the contest flyer before you give him the Fun Machine?

During the first act, (Boring Legwork)
At the field,
Try to spray more cheese on top of the "security" graffitti?
Start working on the gremlin and then look at it before picking up the defaced album?
Use both angel and devil strong bad to dupe Strong Sad into wearing the jacket? (and ask him about the fence beforehand?)
*Requires Savegame*
Use the album cover photo on strong bad? (before mailing it)
Use the fake sword on the gremlin? (before and after finding the defaced album cover?)

At the House of Strong,
Look at the defaced album cover a bunch more times?
Toss the bat hutch in the Dryer, and in the washer? (before you get the bleach)
Use the Bat hutch, Fake sword, Instant Camera (multiple times), Lighter, and Stuffed Poodonkis on Strong Bad himself?
look at Strong Bads calendar again?

At Marzipans,
Use the sword on Marzipan and the cheat before picking up the album cover or flyer
Look at the bat cage before and after talking to Marzipan? (Twice each time?)
Talk to Marzipan about Strong Sad before hiring him as security?
Talk to Strong sad at Marzipan's before hiring him as security?
When talking to strong sad about the jacket... Use this sequence, Angel - Devil - Angel (you get 3 different conversations)
Show the completed album cover photo to The Cheat?

During the Second Act, (Talent searching)

At Marzipans,
Throw the rock at Coach Z himself?
Throw the rock at the window yourself?
Release the bats while Coach Z is standing outside?
Talk to Marzipan about Coach Z when he is outside? (Twice?), and talk again after getting him to break the window?
Complete the "Break window" puzzle after the Stick and Alarm puzzles?
*Requires savegame*

At Club T-C,
Click on all the table items twice? (including the pot, before and after filling it?)
Click the fondue pot again after signing up Pom Star?
Mess with the turntable after H*R finishes his audition?
Run through the entire Homestar dialog tree again after failing the audition?
Show the "food related love" record to Homestar?
Use the Bottle of bleach of Homestar?

At the house of Strong,
Use the bleach on anything in the bathroom?
Bleach the Bats after washing them without bleach?
Use the bleached Bat hutch on Strong Bad himself?
Use the bleach bottle on the Dryer?

At the field,
Talk to Bubs about the cool tapes before talking to Marzipan at all?
Use Bubs' sign up form on strong bad himself?
Use the Two-o-duo record on Strong bad himself? (twice?)
After getting each band to sign up, ask Bubs what he thinks about having them?
*Requires savegame*
Try to steal Bubs' gold record after breaking the robot?
Complete the "T.P. the Stick" puzzle after the window and alarm puzzles?

At the locker room,
Try Giving Bubs' alarm to Coach Z himself?
Try entering Coach Z's office twice, and try stealing a roll of toilet paper twice with Z still there?
Use the Antenna, Bottle of bleach, and Toilet paper on Strong Bad himself?
Look at the display case, showers, and the office (twice) after Coach Z has run off?
Giving an unsigned cool tapes photo to Coach Z?

During the Third act, (Battle of the bands)
On the D.O.I. Stage,
Try all the possible D.O.I. names?

At any of the other three stages,
(Each crowd member actually has at least 4 different things to say... Depending on the order you sabotage the bands in. Cool huh?)
Talk to each crowd member twice? (before sabotaging any bands)
Talk to each crowd member twice after sabotaging the band they are watching? (but before you sabotage their own)
*Requires savegame*
Talk to each crowd member twice after you sabotage their own band? (but before you sabotage the band they are watching)
*Requires savegame*
Talk to each crowd member twice after you have sabotaged both their own band, and the band they are watching?
*Requires savegame*
Talk to Limozeen again about each band after sabotaging them?
*Requires savegame*
Try giving the "props" to the wrong Limozeen cutouts?

At the Pom Star stage,
Beat the Blubbo's whale yourself with the billy club?
Use both scandalous photos on Strong Bad himself?
Try talking to Pom Pom and Homestar again after sabotaging their band? (Twice?)
*so funny, its worth a special note*

At the Two-o-duo stage,
Use all six records on Strong Bad himself? (Twice?) (can be done while looking in the box on stage)

At the house of Strong,
Look at strong bads calendar again?
Use the coloring book on strong bad himself? (Both before and after defacing it?)
Try to deface the TGS coloring book a second time?

During the Finale, (The rock out)
On the D.O.I. stage,
Look at the Mega-Woofer above the stage before knocking it down?
Try using the prop release button three times?
Look at the speaker, fan, and fusebox after breaking them?
Talk to homsar and The KOT after making them rock out?

During extended play,
Look at Strong Bads calendar one last time ;)
Look at the Strong Badia flag at full mast?
Go to each location and talk to each character (at least) one last time?

P.S. check back after the weekend, I may have a few more in the list that I forgot to add.


  • edited November 2008
    Dangerzone wrote: »
    Use the Two-o-duo record on Strong bad himself? (twice?)
    Is it possible to "use" that? I was thinking it was similar to the
    defaced album
    , in that clicking it in the inventory just displays it.

    Great list, though. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I've done most of them with the exception of some of the iterative dialogue for the Battle of the Bands spectators.
  • edited November 2008
    Yeah just click it, that's what I meant. I typed it that way for simplicity. (I typed a lot of items that way, since the guide was already complicated enough.)
  • edited November 2008
    Hey, just out of curiosity: what happens if you don't pick up the wire in Coach Z's lacker room? Is there a way to get it at one of the stages instead?
  • edited November 2008
    After the BotB starts, The Track remains on the map until you collect the wire, at which point it will disappear.
  • edited November 2008
    Dude that's wack, thos dis-a-pearin' lo-ca-shuns.
  • edited November 2008
    After Battle of the Bands only stages are mapped,
    If you ain't got the hanger you might think yer trapped,
    But fear not 'cause you can still go and check The Track,
    Until you grab that bent wire - then you ain't goin' back!
    (Yo yo, until Extended Play, y'all. Catch ya on the flip-side, Colonel Rockbottom.)
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