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  • "Stay tuned this week for more details from Telltale Games on the upcoming episode and don't forget that if you haven't already, there's STILL TIME to check out The Walking Dead '400 Days' DLC for Season One before the series continues... Don't miss it!"

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    Like everybody said, it's something. But was I the only one expecting something a little bit more... convincing? I mean, we still haven't gotten any dates, not that trailer... This left us with even more questionmarks.

  • Alt text

    Does.. does that look like a tank to anybody else? It explains the weird-ass trees.

  • that looks like a regular car to me

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    ...Could mean two things!

    • The military was operating to get rid of the walkers with force.
    • Carters group has a tank.

    Clementine's group could be falling into a trap, which Luke is trying to stop from happening in the screenshot. Just a speculation. Or to burst the bubble it's probably just a mining cart.

  • It's likely a minecart since that appears to be a mineshaft.

  • Zombie confirmed for episode 2!

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    I'd be grateful for any evidence that suggests the military was trying to do SOMETHING useful before the entire country was overwhelmed. Portraying the army as a bunch of incompetent morons just seems to be an accepted trope in zombie movies/games/books.

    On the plus side...the screenshot's appreciated.

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    But if we look close Luke is not running for Clementine, nor the Walker. What if there is someone to the left behind the screenshot going for Clem. If lucky it could be Rebecca who've had enough of Clementine, and Luke can give her what she deserves.

  • I think that was just poor editing.

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    Telltale is known for having small details like this, and actually have them matter in the episode. After all it is a screenshot. But what we see in screenshots usually change when the episode is released.

  • .....So all we got was a picture? :/ The 25th it is I guess... -.-

  • 4-6 weeks my ass. I've been waiting forever and If you can't provide, don't promise.

  • I don't expect anything else from them today, that screenshot fulfills their publicity and PR quota of the day. Here's to a good week and hopefully fantastic episode.

    Say goodbye to the eighth week, children, nothing of consequence happened.
    Welcome to the ninth week, I'd say to expect something, but I don't know what "super soon" means.

  • Of course I was right to not get my hopes up.

  • Don't get mad yet.

    Get mad after this number goes past 64

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    The new episode is over and talking dead is on. Nothing by the same tired commercial played.

    The picture is nice but in my mind it's too little way too late. I know many of the glass half full people will be thinking well it's something and that's fine. For the other bunch of folks this is just another kick in the teeth. The first kick in the teeth was when 8 weeks passed and not a word came from TTG. Valentines day comes and goes with plenty of TWAU stuff.

    After all those weeks and the best they can put out to the fans is a JPEG. So much for that promise from the CEO on REDDIT "I won't dive into the details, but this has been an unusual and specific set of circumstances and we do not anticipate it happening again as we go forward with the rest of the season." Yea right at this point you can pull your lip over your head and swallow.

    It's too little too late. Frankly TTG should have posted that picture 3 weeks ago.

    Season pass = never again.

  • Yeah the whole Wolf Among Us thing was a complete and utter put off and how they overall treat their fans. I am weary of buying the 3rd season when it comes out I might just wait when it's $10 or less and all episodes will be out because I've been excited for TWD Season 2 all these months for really nothing. At least something good TWD related happened today......Abraham is hot as hell! <3

  • The arm begins to lose feeling and you step on a piece of glass and pick it up. I always leave the arm so I can listen to the intense music that cues when Lee squeezes the piece of glass in his hand and uses it as a weapon as he takes the final march through the street killing zombies. It does however further sadden the situation when you have too show Clem the bite :'(

  • Omid? After being SHOT dead at the beginning of the episode? It's likely Kenny because they give you the option to keep or burn the drawing of Kenny.

  • Lilly is better than Kenny? Fuck you dude. Have you forgotten that she shoots Carley/Doug and is an utter BITCH along with feeding her dad's addiction to being a flat out Dick. FUCK Lilly. Kenny is awesome!!

  • January 28th marked the 6th week release difference of episode 1. February 16th and I've run out of fanarts to make :|

  • JESUS!! WHO the fuck CARES?! Are you two fucks going to sit here all fucking day ruining the comment section with a retarded username? JESUS H. FUCK!!

  • If your good luck makes me wait until March to play Ep.2 I'm going to cry for days... XD

  • The 18th as a release date seems more unlikely by the minute. I know they have sometimes released an episode without previous announcement, but they seem to be setting up this week as "the week of details", not releases.

  • As mad as I am in the delayed information on Ep. 2, I found it terrible of people to use words like "lazy" to describe the Telltale staff. Do you wanna go over there and show em' how it's done you unthankful fucks?

  • Is there a chance it will be released this Tuesday?

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    If they are willing to hire me as PR staff, I will take my "unthankful fuck[ing]" ass over to Telltale and show them how to perform basic PR work.

  • All the PR people do is post on Twiiter and Faceook every now and again and once in a blue moon they'll come on here to the forums to announce they are "creepily licking episode 2". I don't know what I should be thankful for?

  • "Omid wanted to teach me" probably doesn't hint to a "baby" wanting to teach her. I imagine the baby either recently starved or became sick and died. This probably supports that Christa's baby weight is gone and they are having an awkward grieving process means that the baby recently died but was born many months in advance. I would've liked to have had more information on "Omid II" and maybe a future DLC will feature an inbetween section (HOPEFULLY). Season pass: DEFINITELY worth the money.

  • Ummmm... it's an episodic series. Cliffhangers and player choices would be pointless without episodes.

  • That's REALLY out there dude... no way they wouldn't bury him.

  • Guys, we ALL know Kenny is the one coming back. Sure we don't see Lilly or Christa die but there aren't drawings of Lilly and her dad in Clem's backpack... That drawing of Kenny and his family is there for a reason, I KNOW I didn't keep it for no reason...

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