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First screenshot for The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 - 'A House Divided'

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FIRST NEW SCREEN from The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 - A House Divided! Take a look at Luke (Scott Porter) and Clementine (Melissa Hutchison) as they fight their way through the herd.

Clem Luke walker

Stay tuned this week for more details on the upcoming episode! Also worth mentioning: if you haven't already played The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC for Season One, well... let's just say that's something you you might want to check out before this season continues!

  • Wow.. I should have known.. an update about an update.. Sorry, but I don't really care about a screenshot. This post didn't tell us anything.

    Either way you look at it your PR guy played the full episode and said we will get it "super soon" and that we would get an update within the next "few days".. super soon can't be more then a week or you may as well say eventually .. That, or give some update about an update which doesn't tell us anything.. Oh wait! You did that above.. This is not an update as far as I'm concerned.. So unless your willing to admit that your boss is full of it.. I'll hope to be seeing some kind of actual update tomorrow as his little post was put up on the 14th. Few days doesn't go past 3 if I'm not mistaken in my understanding of the word "few".. Then again from what I've seen you guys have your own dictionary.. Or were you being serious with all those coming soons when you were still releasing episode 2 of the wolf among us? 4 months later.. pfft! In otherwords.. Fail..

    *Clem is like.. Hmm.. I wonder if I should hit this guy?"

    • Preach it! +1

      I think Clementine is more like.. As soon as Luke gets closer.. BAM! Snickers as she thinks to herself "More rations for me" :P

      Edit: I look forward to the update we are suppose to get tomorrow as well. I don't think telltale would be stupid enough to count this as one, so I'm sure we will get something tomorrow :) I mean.. They do care about their customers right?

    • You are right. 8 or 9 weeks of waiting without some real infos aren't exciting anymore but just annoying and frustrating. Now we get a screenshot that shows the Protagonist sneaking around behind walker. Great, that's no info at all.

      • 1 month between releases, all's good.

        2 months between releases, frustration is starting to set in and you start to forget how it made you feel.

        3 months between releases, resentment and anger sets in and the game starts to loose it's appeal.

        4 months.. They need to have a going out of business sale cause that is unacceptable for 3 hrs of play.. Or 2 in the most recent episode's case.. Ugh.. (which is how long it basically took for episode 2 of TWAU to release.. All with no real communication.. Just ignored basically) .. Like.. Oh! You paid for a season's pass? Tough! Muahahahaha

        No communication with the community or updates which actually say something about what is going on.. It just makes everything feel worse.. There just isn't any customer appreciation.. I wouldn't even bother trying their support email for anything.. Be it problems with the product, a refund, nothing.. I've never heard of anyone getting an answer.. may as well not even have it.

        • communication with the community never was TTGs strong Point, but now it's even worse than before. TTG delivers an "update" that tells us to "stay tuned for UPDATES". Finally we get an update that tells us to "stay tuned for DETAILS". What will be the next "update"? Stay tuned for INFO? Stay tuned for NEWS? Stay tuned for FACTS? ...

          • Who the hell you are..... they delay because they want to make this game even better okay if you are angry than make your own game okay...i want this game more better,more popular and also game of the year ....if its delayed its going to be amazing And i am happy.....telltale delayed game because to shape walking dead every episode enough great understand ????" people are only say one tense again and again ...why its delayed thats what you say again and again..

    • It tells you that TellTale cares that we want news. And it also means the release is just around the corner. Now, just shut up and wait. Busy yourself with something else and it will be here before you know it.


    Alt text

  • Amazing new screen shot hope this episode is going to be amazing

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    The loss of amusement is because they left us with even more question marks than there already is. It has been 62 days and we still haven't received a release date, a trailer, no ESBR, or Aus Classification ratings, and no indication whatsoever how long we have to wait. Given how little information we have been given they could release in a week, to a month. This is getting ridiculous. Sure it's a good teaser, but honestly... We already knew this would happen. Clem and Luke fighting Walkers. At least they could have teased us about the mysterious survivor.

    • The only info we got so far is: "if you haven't already played The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC for Season One, well... let's just say that's something you you might want to check out before this season continues!"

      To me this sounds like: "Take your time and play 400 days or get busy with something else, because it will still take a while before we release Episode 2".


  • Wow, news about news for incoming news...

    Here's hoping for an incoming release date.

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    SpareClem2014 BANNED

    ***"Stay tuned this week for more details on the upcoming episode"! ***

    O god that means it's not coming out this week.

  • Wow, do Telltale have the whiniest fans or what?

  • just release the episode already

  • Нельзя допускать, чтобы игроки забывали сюжет :)

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