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As many of you know, Telltale has released a new screenshot on the twitter (LINK:

). I have posted this analysis once on a somebody else's post, but I wanted to make it as it's own discussion so more people could see it. I have also added some new things onto it. I would read all of it if you want to know. Enjoy :)

Let's look at the background. Not what any of the character are doing. They are in a forest on a broken down railroad track or minecart track. If you look directly behind Clem, you can easily see that there are rails. The track looks like it is bridging across something. Mountains, river, or a ravine. Also if you look on the bridge, you can see a Handcar (I think that's what it's called) or a Minecart. A Handcar is basically one of those tiny train things that you push a lever back and forth on to ride on tracks. Also, if you look to the right of Luke (Our right, not his), you can see something behind the big rock. I think it might be a car. The only other thing I could say about the background is that they may be near the Ski Resort where the other group is because I said the track may be bridging between mountains. They are also in probably the same forest as the Cabin is in. So they are relatively near the Cabin.

Now to the people. Clem is basically going to hammer a walker that is most likely after someone like Sarah or Rebecca. Then Luke is not looking at Clem but something behind her. It may be walkers sneaking up and he's going there with his blade.

That's basically it. I have analyzed the photo as much as I could. Thanks for reading. :)


  • Awwww I wanted some feedback

  •´s hard to give feedback when i agree on everything you said. Well...good job!

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    I agree with most of this, but here's what I think MAY have happened. This goes back to the Pete/Nick choice. Whoever you choose, we don't see Nick die.

    IF YOU CHOOSE PETE: If you choose Pete, you run away from the river with him and we see Nick run into the woods. Clementine and Pete make it back to the cabin, and Clementine is sent with Luke to go find Nick.

    IF YOU CHOOSE NICK: Pete dies, and you run off into the woods together. However, Clementine and Nick end up getting separated and Clementine makes it back to the cabin alone. Clementine and Luke are then sent to look for Nick.

    Either choice, you end up crossing the bridge that goes over a river. The thing at the end of the bridge IS in fact a handcar. The railroad tracks lead to a factory. The reason why Luke is trying to stop Clementine is because of the noise (I don't know about that one, it sounds too obvious and anti-climactic).

  • Hmmm nice theory I chose Pete and I'm going to have to go through the gruesomness again like I did with the stitching. Shiver I don't understand the factory part though

  • Better not analyse it too deeply, if you'r right, its not then suprising and less awesome. If you wrong and the truth is shittyer than your own analyse, you may feel anger inside. Super soon we will find out what's going to happen our favourite child hero! BTW, Im so sorry that i didn't read your analysis thingy so i don't 'spoil' anything form me (cause i'll believe you are right), but i will read it if this thread hangs around after the release honouring you man. **salute*

  • I'm just saying that the handcar can just lead to a factory or something, but I don't think it will have an impact on the story at all. But yes I think Pete is the better choice because you no one dies as far as we know of.

  • What? I'm agreeing with your analysis.

  • Yeah I know but all you said was Yes xD

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  • I don't really have anything to add.

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