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What do do you (or anyone you know) seem to be cursed with? I seem to make forums destroy themselves by joining them. Both forums I joined died after almost exactly one year and 11 months; NSider closed down, and the Homestar Runner Wiki Forum locked the Off-Subject boards. So, what company is Telltale going to sell out to are you cursed with?
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  • Magic Emperor;95010 said:
    I turn into a girl whenever I fall into cold water. Stupid curse...
    Look at it this way, at least you don't turn into a pig!
  • Zootch;97728 said:
    haha, funny story; I never actually watched an episode of that show
    Yeah, I figured out it wasn't true when I read this after making my last post in this thread.
  • Dedlok;97829 said:
    I didn't need Wikipedia for that tidbit of info. I found out in the "Death Note 13: How To Read" info book.
    Yes, well, I don't have that one. I want to, but I only have volumes 1-10 of the manga and I want to go in order. Anyway, back on topic: Anytime I hope it doesn't rain, it does, and the opposite also holds true.
  • My APD causes me to want to shoot my dentist.
  • My curse is that if I ever get stuck on something I end up forgetting it & stop doing it. Books, games, Everything! CURSE MY SLOTH! By that I mean my laziness not my actual sloth. Love ya Mr.Lackadaisy!
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