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What was your Most Scariest Moment in Walking Dead

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What was your most creepiest/scariest moment in the walking dead. There were a couple for me. I put touchier a series of the walking dead best moments 1-5. However, I'll just share my favorite, most compelling moment in the series.

I actually paused and recorded moments during my second play through. That I thought was simply amazing. I'm intently focused on Moral Choice Gaming. Hence name in my youtube channel "interactive gaming"

After I played the walking dead. I am hooked.

What was your most creepy/favorite/compelling moment in the series.

  • Just one? There's too many.

  • The dinner scene/finding Mark in episode 2 was powerful enough to make me stop playing the episode for a couple hours. Hopefully, more of that stuff in season 2!

  • Definitely the nightmare in the RV, because it literally felt like one.

  • To be honest... I wasn't scared even once when playing these 5 episodes + 400 Days. But during the moment when Lee had a nightmare in RV I was like "WTF is going on here?". :)

    On the other hand... what was your most funniest moment in TWD? :)

  • The bit when Lee was burying the dog and the camera looked up to find someone watching him.
    I yelled out loud for some reason.
    It was creepy.

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