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Questions on preorder

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Hello, when I was a young naive boy, I preordered The Devils Playhouse on the Tell Tale site because I was a fan of the games and had done so with the previous season. After I preordered I heard talk going around about "promotional items" for some strange game called "TF2". I ignored such talk and went on to play, and very much enjoy the devils playhouse. Now that I'm older, and wiser, i begun to pick up TF2 as one would pick up the art of drinking wine or enjoying classical art. I realize that with this preorder I could receive several high valued items that could benefit me in tf2. I was wondering if there was anyway to still redeem the items, and if so how to do so. I bought The Devils Playhouse with the same account I'm using now.
Thank you for your time

  • That was a promo item for pre-ordering from Steam, not Telltale.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Actually, at one point, I believe the old site had a section which allowed for you to redeem items on your Steam account even if you had purchased from Telltale. However, it's been a long while since the items were distributed (early 2010!) and Telltale has probably since figured that anybody who wanted the items would have done so long before the site update.

    I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try to contact Telltale's support, but again, I'm afraid your chances are low.

  • I'd also like some help with this, since I'm in the same boat, both with this and Poker Night 1. I don't know about Poker Night, and it is a far smaller concern than this situation is, but there is this:

    "Referred to as the Big Kill, Sam's gun (essentially a new skin for the Spy's Revolver) was one of three Team Fortress 2 items offered to people who bought Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse through Steam. This offer was later extended to users who purchased the game from Telltale Games."

    Not to mention the fact that it shouldn't be such a huge problem for them to give us a few small virtual items to their valued and loyal customers for our patronage. That's not even mentioning they essentially gave away physical DVDs of the game for free to those that bought it.

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