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    and I agree

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    This is not about "acceptance".

    You constantly build up hopes until you almost burst, interpret the smallest slice of new info as a definite confirmation of an immediate release, you're demanding new information every single day. If during that time you're served hope questioning facts from community members - mods included - who have been around far, far longer than you were, you don't want to hear anything of it. And when you finally get official info, you're naturally disappointed far beyond the reasonable. You will then present an exaggerated opinion that at best has half a foot in reality, and you will attack people left and right who aren't responsible for anything at all.

    Today, you attacked Mike for an assessment he made 26 days ago. The assessment was "episodes are usually available 4 to 6 weeks apart". Now, you and I know that Season 2 doesn't seem to be a "usual" release. Things are taking longer than expected. Almost a month ago, Mike could not have known. But already two weeks ago, you had plainly called him a liar for making that statement. That's your usual rethoric, seriously.

    That's just shameful and embarrassing behavior.

    Here's the simple truth. Telltale's episodes ARE usually available 4 to 6 weeks apart. That held true for the vast, vast majority of their games. You've been told - an individual response to a support inquiry - that repairing the episodic schedule is Telltale's top priority now. Could you ever interpret that as a lie also? It would seem a very natural path of action to me, because you can't be an episodic game developer if you don't keep a reasonable schedule. Telltale WILL improve their schedule. For a lot of reasons, one of them being that it really can't get much worse. They've been the studio that delivered on time, for six consecutive years.

    Somehow, you seem to harbor the fantasy that attacks, insults and exaggeration, rinse and repeat, will somehow lead the path to better times. When Telltale necessarily starts improving again, don't pat yourself on the shoulder for that. It would be the moment that I would call YOU a liar.

  • Well this is definitely "a crooked mile" for us in waiting for A House Divided

  • Starved for Help can justify for its length. If A House Divided isn't even as long as that one, well that's a big fat egg of solid fuck made by Telltale.

  • Oh ok! I'm set on both games being done by at least August. Then the newer games starting around Sept-Oct. Seems sensible enough to me

  • We've been waiting for 67 days to be exact.

  • Watch telltale not release it in march

  • When people are determined, they'll do anything to achieve some form of success.

  • ![Alt text](C:\Users\Mikey\Downloads\clapping.gif justified comment

  • Can you show us the email?

  • I would, as I played it over 20 times now.

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    But at the same time, Around Every Corner was just as long (probably longer) and yet it came out in the 4-6 week period. I really don't think it has much to do with the length of the episode. I think (totally guessing here) that they use the break between the first two episodes to make any final, significant changes to the story once they've received some feedback from episode 1.

    Again, that's a guess. But when you look at the fact the The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2, and The Wolf Among Us have experienced long delays between the 1st and 2nd episodes (and I never played it, but I'm pretty sure I remember Back to the Future dealing with this same issue), it seems like there is something more significant that occurs in the development cycle between the first two episodes that causes delays.

  • That they will, but I won't be surprised if they turn early to mid or late.

  • I don't want the episode to be released yet. I think we need more time to discuss the first episode and who is the "i thought you were dead" person.

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    Your guess is correct. According to the unofficial FAQ, the second episode of everything Telltale have released is used to take feedback from reviews, and like you said make final changes to the game overall, before they reach a final conclusion, which they stick with throughout the season. That is probably why it takes longer than usual to get the second episode out. But once it's released the remaining episodes should release within their time frame as they by then have the required information they need to make a great season.

    We all saw how good Starved For Help turned out to be. So, imagine how golden A House Divided is gonna be. I really hope Telltale don't make me wrong on this...

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    ...Oh, so you are one of those people who thinks anything negative about Telltale gets deleted.

  • ok and what the fuck is this supposed to prove?

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    ...Two point five months later.

    Alt text

  • OMG, just look at this thread. I bet that noone from TTG ever reads these entries, unless they have no other choice. It is a unacceptable, how paying customers are treated by TTG, The accumulated pain and sorrow that have been created by setting expectations and not fulfilling them is outrageous.

    I assume, that the reason is, that too many people have already bought season passes for TWD 2. This means, that there is no incentive for them to deliver episodes in a timely manner. Guess, how it would be like, if they were paid from episode to episode? I bet they were not more delayed than a week, if any.

    I will never.
    Buy a season pass.
    For a Telltale game.
    Ever again.

    Unless, of course, all titles are already released and available for purchase. I will rather buy each episode individually and spend a few bucks more than to play this game of delays and broken promises and disappointment again. And for now, I will go and get TLOU-LB and try not to think about possible release dates.

  • Bastard I thought this was the trailer lol

  • You can try it if you want to, but all you're going to do most likely is cost yourself a little money. I'm not on the inside, but I feel very confident when I say that this delay has nothing to with how many people bought season passes or not.

  • Dude, it's been over 2 months since episode 1, i think we've had MORE than enough time to discuss and speculate who that person is..

  • again nope.

    this is pointless hot air you two a blowing out here.

    7-9 years ttg have been running,

    twau and twd are being worked on still and then got game of thrones and borderlands

    and since they are being paid/helped by gearbox ttg will not fall most likely they will be bought out, ttg is not going anywhere for a long long time.

    and saying anything else is just stupid.

    bottom line here is if they had any idea they were in the shit they would not have bothered announcing two more games.

    seriously stick your heads back in the sand.

  • Also spoilers for the comic book and to an extent TV show.

    Telltale has confirmed to us that the games are canon to the comicbooks. Lee's group meet up with Hershel in episode 1 and then leave or get forced out after Shawn's death. Hershel then begins a collection of walkers in his shed, starting with Shawn, thinking that they can be returned to normal. Rick's group then shows up at Hershels farm shortly after, and Hershel eventually accompanies them to the prison where he stays until he is killed by the governor during his taking of the prison.

    It can't be Hershel, he is dead.

    It's most likely Kenny or Lilly, and supposedly could be Molly. My money is on Kenny since he seems to be the most likely to be assumed dead by Clem, most likely informed of what happened by Omid and Christa. She has little reason to thnk Lilly is dead considering she either steals the RV or is abandoned on the road, it's not as if she was overrun by walkers. Molly is a possibility but in one instance she obviously survives and chooses to do her own thing or she gets shot / overrun and runs off. Lee assumes that she may not have made it. Telltale does try to tailor the trailer to some of your choices, and if you brought Clem along with you in Episode 4, she has absolutely no reason to think Molly is dead and I'd hate to think Telltale would make that big of a mess up in the trailer.

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    And please, make Laura Persuco change her Twitter avatar already - her grin while trolling us with alleged "soons" and "so excited" while avoiding serious questions on the forum is mockery at its best.

    Let's get some facts in here...

    The last time I tweeted using the word "soon" in relation to an upcoming episode's release was on Jan 24 about The Wolf Among Us episode 2. The episode released 11 days later.

    The last times I used the word "excited" in a tweet were on Jan 15 about playing Broken Age, and on Dec 7 in relation to the VGX livestream.

    I'm pretty careful about hyping too far in advance of when I reasonably expect an episode to release.

  • Hershel is quite dead as per the comic books, see above post.

    Vernon is assumed dead on account of what Joyce (cancer survivor) mentions in 400 days. She refers to Vernon being lost but it is not specifically mentioned that he has died. However, Clem definlitely has no reason to think that Vernon is dead as the last time she seems him, he leaves to go with his group and only returns to steal the boat after Clem is taken by the Stranger.

    Following Episode 1, Glenn leaves Macon and heads to Atlanta where he meets Ricks group of survivors from the Comic book. He stays with that group throughout the entirety of the comics and does not leave. Clem has no reason to think Glenn is dead so it can't and won't be him.

    My money is on Kenny, or honestly it could even be Christa, don't really know how long Clem hangs around at the cabin between episodes. There were at the motor inn for 3 months between episode 1 & 2 so it's possible to assume that after months of not seeing Christa, she might think that she was killed by the group in the woods.

    So many possibilities!

  • It is always difficult for me to replay the first episode. Mainly because of Omid's death and that I have to experience it every time I replay.

  • According to the unofficial FAQ, the second episode of everything Telltale have released is used to take feedback from reviews

    Every episode BEGINNING with the second is supposed to take fan feedback into consideration. And that's only because they can't really get feedback for the first before it's actually out.

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    I think we need more time to discuss the first episode and who is the "i thought you were dead" person.

    Oh the fricking DAY we get thread merge functions back I swear to SATAN

  • Josh, is that you again?

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  • brand new member and only one post, hmm seems 'legit'

  • So um Its coming out in the next two weeks
    at least

  • If lucky in nine days, and 20 hours. (March 4).

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