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  • In the comicbooks, Dale survives a walker bite on his leg. In the TV show, Hershel also survives a walker bite on his leg.
    Robert Kirkman, the writer of the Walking Dead, has made it quite clear that a person can survive a walker bite through amputation.
    If amputated quick enough, the infection will not spread.

  • I will kindly ignore you insulting me for no reason, but you basically say Telltale still exist because...they exist so long? Wut?

    They weren't working on FOUR games at a time back then, and they are clearly having trouble to keep up their good work.

    'All That Remains' felt rushed, 'Smoke and Mirrors' was even worse. They are going down right now.

    As for the buy up thing, I don't think Gearbox helps them at all. Why would they? It's just Gearbox' IP, and they want the credits for advertisement.

    They aren't working together in any way.

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    there is no insult.

    replying is not ignoring.

    and gear box have said they are partnering with ttg. or as much as.

    here's some friendly advice don't like it, don't play it then.

  • Interestingly enough, you could argue that there is only one definite outcome that Lee is dead based on choices. Basically this would be for those who made the choice to not cut his arm off. To not do so would mean with relative certainty that Lee would eventually succumb to infection and become a walker.

    "But JCMF, I cut his arm off and had Clem shoot him, so hes dead!". Not necessarrily, we see Clem holding the gun and pull the trigger and the gun goes bang, but we don't actually see bullet to Lee's head. Screen goes black. In any form of Zombie fiction, if you don't see an on-screen death, theres a chance, no matter how small, that you might see the person again.

    However I don't want to feel like a troll, just mentioning a minute possibility. Regardless of whether or not Clem actually shoots him, It's my belief that he would eventually succumb to the infection as there was a lot of time between when he was bitten and when it was cut off. In other walking dead sources where a person survived the bite, the area was removed almost immediately. It may have been only 5 minutes to the player, but who knows how long it actually takes to get through the sewers to the morgue. Could have been hours. Considering he was already having fainting spells, I'd agree that it was too late. I still cut it off though, gotta hold on to HOPE.

    I love this stuff, I remember 15 years ago having this same basic discussion about Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2. People were so certain she was dead and then Resident Evil 4 comes out and proves how awesome a series Resident Evil is. Then RE5 had to screw things up again.

  • Do you think they'd ever make a "premium" section where only customers who have paid through the site and are linked to one specific account can create discussions and post replies?

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    'Pointless hot air' and 'stupid' are no hard insults, but insults. I said I'd ignore these, not your post.

    But I didn't know they teamed up with Gearbox. Sorry bout that.

    Still, something is going down at Telltale, and it's nothing good.

    BTW I like the game, but I really hate Telltale's way of ignoring us. But at no point I said I didn't like the game.

  • If they didn't release it in March, then people could finally say that it's been delayed, instead of insisting that not having a specific release date somehow means it's been delayed.

  • We've had pre order forums where people who preordered a game from Telltale would get to post in developer created threads for a couple seasons. However, I doubt Telltale would create forums like that for anything outside of a pre order promotional event.

  • The console and Steam customers would riot. So, no. ;)

  • The main problem I saw with TellTale was that they were not communicating. After the 6 weeks are up, or once they figure out that they won't be able to release the game in their expected time frame, they should immediately tell their customers. I think for me and for most people this is the major issue. Although I too am upset that it is taking a long time to release the episode, I think the main problem that people have with TellTale is that they refuse to acknowledge that they went way past their expected time frame. Not as many people would be complaining if TellTale posted a blog or something on their Twitter letting everyone know that the game will be delayed.

    I mean...what the heck? As a company that is starting to boom in the gaming industry, wouldn't you want to make sure that you are communicating with your customers, and make sure they know what are going on? What TellTale is doing with not communicating just is not logical.

    But I have to be happy that they at least communicated with us about the release date of Early March. However, if they go past early March, and don't let us know, that is just unacceptable and illogical for them.

  • lol peace bro.

    nice to know you've seen the light :)

  • Nej, om det är det enda man har som tidsfördriv, så blir det lite jobbigt.

  • But it's possible to connect accounts through X Box LIve and Origin, so I think a riot could be averted since the framework is already there. Maybe people could complete surveys, too? Anyway, I'm just curious about the future of these games, so go easy. I'm not going to start a petition like some fool did against Subway recently.

  • Wow... The level of whining in here is at an epic level. People need to realize that the squeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease. I agree on some points, but the real vote to exact change comes from your wallet. I'm not really sure what the appeal is for episodic games, but I really hope it doesn't become normal practice in the industry. I don't even care for television delivered that way, midseason breaks and all that other crap to maintain your "mindshare".

    I will say that with the first season, I wasn't engrossed in it enough to hang on specific episode release dates. I would simply go check for new content when i was reminded to by an advert or word of mouth. At the end of the season, I had really enjoyed the game, so looked forward to the next one. As I see now, a season pass and episodic content isnt for me. I'll continue to play the game, but will elect to wait until all episodes have been released, so I can binge play, like I watch Game of Thrones...

  • Right on!

    I have however been here since S1E1, but I totally agree I kinda wish I hadent discovered this game til it was the whole season at once.

  • I was eager for the new episodes but now the TV show is back on :D Games take time to fix and get out so I just hope all this waiting was worth it. S2 E1 was pretty boring and short and didn't feel as engaging as any part of Season 1 was. I really hope E2 makes up for it. I think that's part of the problem. E1 was fulfilling enough and we're all still hungry plus they had to throw in a cliff hanger of all things. I just hope E2 has you doing more than roaming through the woods and fetching band aids. I also hope this season doesn't do a jump cut like they did in Season 1 where E1 and E2 left you wondering just what happened with the insta FF felt like they skipped stuff on purpose to progress the series. I hope this time they make the episodes LONG and don't Fastforward anything.

  • Are we there yet?

  • Really wish I had that kind of self control.

  • Maybe I'm mistaken but didn't Telltale promise to release Episode 2 in the first week of Feb??

  • Mhmm. Last time I played episode 1 was January 7th. I figured, if the wait for ep 2 is difficult now, I know playing ep 1 again won't help matters for me. Still been replaying season 1 though. Worked so far. :)

  • No that was Wolf Episode 2

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    Telltale be like

    Alt text

  • Telltale seems to have settled into their own unofficial schedule; a new episode at the beginning of every month, albeit from a different series. So, we can expect TWD ep. 2 in early March, TWAU ep. 3 in early April, etc.

  • I think we need another month to discuss the details about the juicebox first.

  • No, in the first week of February, Telltale promised Episode 2 was 'right around the corner' which means the following month apparently :)

  • ttg are still going to do as they please. petition is fun idea but usless overall

  • borderlands = awesome. tftb....not so sure.

  • really? isnt there ANYONE left who doesnt rage quit life because they lack the instant gratification they want. so dont buy the season pass. pay more in the long haul! that will teach ttg.

  • 4th Match , it has to be , it has to be .

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    You know what you get for pre-ordering a game?

    a big dick in your mouth

  • Bit late to say this, but yes, please keep discussion of games in the correct sub-section.

  • Please have a trailer!



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    More like...

    A Season Pass doesn't mean shit. Okay. When you buy a Season Pass you're just comitting to paying for something that some assholes in California haven't even finished working on yet. You know what you get for buying a Season Pass by Telltale Games? A big dick in your mouth.

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    "really? isnt there ANYONE left who doesnt rage quit life because they lack the instant gratification they want. so dont buy the season pass. pay more in the long haul! that will teach ttg."

    Yeah, you pay a little more in the long run but you don't feel it as much because you're not paying in bulk and if you're like me who lives in the UK and buys the episodes from the US psn store you're not losing any money at all. Think how much more money a working person will make after purchasing the first episode in the time it takes telltale to release follow up episodes. That's nearly 3 pay checks worth of money. What is it to spend £4-5 pounds on an episode out of 2-3 months wages compared to paying £20 in one month for a product that will take nearly a year to own in full. That extra £15 can go on tangible things you can use there and then like groceries. I know what option I will chose, but to each his own.

    Telltale receive a larger amount of money in bulk when people buy season passes, long before they even know how their own story will end, so I think they do benifit from us buying season passes. Where as we don't get the full product we have paid for until nearly a year, they have the money in advance from day one. That is like me going to my boss and getting an advance on my wages. I could then call in sick over the course of the month, missing numerous shifts or under perform since i've got the money already. "Just sayin".

    Hypothetically, if telltale made a walking dead season 3 and no one purchased a season pass, they would be pissed..... If telltale released that season episodically and everyone waited until all episodes were made they probably wouldn't even make the disc version and would probably reduce the price of the digital version of the game to encourage people to buy their product. The disc version was the result of the games popularity. People were buying the disc version even though they had the downloaded version of season 1 because they loved it that much.

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    "Telltale reminds me of my mom when she tells me to go outside to help her with the groceries because she is just around the corner, then arrives five minutes later. It's annoying, to be sure, but I still love my mom, and we still get groceries.
    In that sense, I'm not mad, but I don't understand why in the heck she says she's around the corner when she clearly isn't."

    I have an analogy for you. Telltale are like an abusive boyfriend, who repeatedly smacks the shit of you, says his sorry and that he won't do it again and then we go back to him because we're hooked and caught in a groove.

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