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  • Ah, awesome thanks!
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    They are definitely not all Sam & Max references... keep on looking! :)
  • I'm pretty sure that none of those actually give you points, but while we're on the subject, has anyone looked through all the backgrounds in the photo booth?
  • Got four more Sam and MAx references... well three sam and max reference one telltale reference. At the old club when Dangeresque was asking perduchi about what card game are they playing one of them was Hold Em. That would be a reference to Telltale Texas Hold Em. THen one of the cards(besides the Sam and Max) is an Embarassing Idle card. That was one of the shows from Sam and MAx episode 102
    some of the music is the same. I think it's the music where you are at Pompoms lab. Isn't that the music when you are at the street connected to Sam and Maxes office, Bosco's, and Sybil's?
    finally, one of the slides in the photo booth is the allyway
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