Temporal Duplicate Year Error

edited February 2014 in Back to the Future

I just realized that when Doc explains to Marty where the car came from, he says it was sent 70 years into the future, to 2025. However, upon closer inspection to the time circuits, Doc actually landed at midnight on January 1, 1885 (AM and PM appear to be switched, at least in Part II).

Destination Time: January 1, 1885 12:00 AM.  Present Time: November 21, 1955 9:28 PM.  Last Time Departed: October 27, 1985 2:42 AM.

The amount of time between these days is about 70 years, 10 months, 20 days.

Time between 1/1/1885 and 11/21/1955

However, that much time after November 21, 1955 would actually fall into 2026.

Time between 11/21/1955 and 10/10/2026


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