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  • It really didn't seem like "too much Dangeresque" to me until I considered playing back through it - remembering all of the different acts and setpieces.
    Now I've got everything for Awesomeness, but there's one I'm not entirely sure where it was acquired and I'm not sure how much effort I want to expend locating it, even though it was toward the end and I've got a save before I acquired it.
  • I clicked right back into it during the main story after picking up the heart, so I can't think of any special preconditions.
  • I'm having the exact same problem as Just Some Guy. No matter where I click in the center of that 9-square puzzle (not the clue area), I always just get the same line about the programmers phoning it in at Strong Bad's expense or something. This is in extended play, and I'm using the Wii version if it matters.

    But thanks to all of you for all the other tips.
  • It might, Im on PC and others have gotten it...
    Everytime I click on it after getting the page, the only response I get is "intriguing" and such, nothing about phoning it in.
  • I think it might be a Wii thing too as I also am using the PC version and it works everytime.
  • well then this list is not done we have to find out how to get that page in the wii version
  • I am now on a second play-through of this game, and I finally got the game cover page. I got it right after defeating the "monster" during the story. It is my guess that it is impossible to get the page in extended play so Wii players have to get it during story mode.

    Also, in my old file, I tried setting the game on full screen (remembering those horrible lock-ups in the Wii version of Homestar Ruiner in widescreen mode), but that didn't solve it.

    So in conclusion, if you have the Wii version, you must get the cover page from the taco puzzle within the actual story, not extended play.
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