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  • You mean affected, right? And by some, do you mean 'most'? Because I can relate to that quite a bit.

  • TBH, I'd like to see the math that got you the 50-50 chance.

  • Whatcha doin' with MS Paint, mister?

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    no the two pictures were released three days ago thats not even a week we probably will get a trailer this week between tuesday-friday i hope

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    If it releases on my birthday, March 4th I'll be like this...

  • well it's technically a 25% chance we'll be getting news today. The chance increases the more we progress through the week.

    25% chance sunday,tuesday-thursday.

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    Wow, that was a long time ago. Good find!

  • That sting music.

    Did you get your username from your love of Ash Williams combined with your discovery of

  • Half right bro :)

    Ash and my favorite day of the year :p

  • speaking of free games,

    the other day i noticed i had bttf in my forum/ttg account available to download,

    yes i know wrong game section lol

    but yeah just wondering why that happened, since i only remember buying it on steam.

    oh and not complaining and i want to keep it :)

  • ttg have previously taken a bit longer to release the second ep due to this feedback system and thus making changes as the community/testers discover, so the following eps should in theory be no more than 2 months/8 weeks.

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    Go angry...protest...

    Alt text

    Family friendly version:

    Alt text

  • WAIT I FLIPPED A COIN it landed on its edge..... Q.Q 50 50 guys sorry D:

  • Episodic gaming yeah right.

  • TellTaleGames- sporadic random gaming, at it's best.

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    Yeah I doubt we'll see a full trailer we've been told to get next week tonight.

    I'm betting we'll get a trailer Thursday at about noon or something, then five days later, game releases March 4th

    It would make sense considering The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 trailer came out Jan 30, then the game released 5 days later.

    So, I'm thinking they are pretty much confirming it'll be out March 4th if they said we are getting a trailer during next week, 24th-28th

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    There's more or less 14,3% of trailer tonight and has the week progresses and the trailer isn't released the chances will grow for each day.

    If not released today 16,6% for monday

    If not on Monday 20% for tuesday

    And if not on tuesday 25% it's released on wednesday and so on...

  • I know what you mean. Even something the size of Skyrim has only a few main quest outcomes

    I think as computers get more powerful and games bigger we could see something a lot more choice determinate, but it's down to budget and programming, it would be an immense job to have something the size of Fallout or the Witcher that has multiple differing outcomes based on choices you made through the game, from actions to differing levels of relationships with NPC's

    We live in hope :)

  • Right, but you don't GET an option to amputate Lee's arm quick enough... by the time you get the chance to cut of his arm, the fever has already set in. I'm not stupid dude.

  • Me? I'm fighting fire with fire, these two fucks just wouldn't give in.

  • Don't be like that. I'll bet it's really hard to create a game episodically and release it to the public with no flaws. I guess "disrespectful fucks" wasn't the right title but it's not like we don't have anything to be thankful for. Sorry I guess...

  • Yeah. TWD is definitely a game with hard work put into it. I just don't understand why telltale gets shat on only HALF as much as infintyward after COD Ghosts fell on it's face. I mean there ARE worse staff out there.

  • I honestly don't care who is and isn't a Kenny fan but Lilly is FAR from deserving fans... I hate Lilly as a character all together. She avoids dealing with problems outside of what fucks with her system, atleast KENNY shows some FUCKING courtesy at the end of the game... I mean he ONLY risks his life to help get Clem back!! There's a reason Kenny's the one who's coming back in episode 2 and even more reason Lilly's not!!

  • she sounded more surprised than angry to me.

  • twd s2 ep2 confirmed for early march people.

  • it might also release on Tuesday!(the trailer)

  • TT is so lucky they have the Walking Dead IP...If it were not for that I'd be done with this company.

  • We'll I'm getting ready for last weeks TWD followed by the new episode at 9pm est. I'll update if a TTG trailer plays.

  • Soon, we gonna play ep2, clock it roughly 2 hours and then we are here again bitching, sure first few weeks are easy and we just lying to ourselves that TT will no fuck things up and BANG, 3 months later still waiting!!!

  • Early march ? Ah, in TellTale language that means around the 15ish since in season 1 they said middle of october and it came out around the 26th...

  • Well, after S2 is finnished around December, I know I am...

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    Are you kidding me? So what next, you'll then say survival instinct is great because inspired by the walking dead?

    And what about the wolf among us? are you then going to say you like it because of the wolf among us comics(even if they are good) and that telltale had their success handed to them on a silver plate every time they do it from now on?, or that it was made easier for them?

    Jurassic park and back to the future weren't as good, not because of them, but because of telltale. And vice versa goes, the walking dead comic is great and my favorite western comic. but the success of the game is almost entirely because of telltale. And even if that's untrue there's no way we would care about them more becoming a better studio than them making better games, because the games are what we play and enjoy.

    Our vote matters. But that's exactly why we shouldn't vote in that direction, else we'll give them the wrong impression that their PR team, their updates and their trailers and makeover and conduct are priority over the quality and enjoyability of the games itselves that are made. The best studio is the studio that continues to make the best most enjoyable games at fair price. That's my vote.

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