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Problem with sbcg4ap #4. Computer keeps rebooting!

posted by cslewis_24 on - last edited - Viewed by 162 users
When I first installed the game, I got past the dangeresque intro and into game play just fine. But when I clicked on Strongborneo, the game began a zoom in of Strongbadia and my computer rebooted. I tried uninstalling and installing and the same thing happened again at the exact same spot.

So I uninstalled again and re-downloaded the installer, installed the game, and started playing. This time I get past the dangeresque credits, but the computer reboots in the middle of strongbad's opening email. No matter how many times I reinstall, this keeps happening in the exact same spot.

I've tried installing my new updates, and doing a virus scan. Nothing. I've downloaded, installed and played all three of the other SB games and nothing like this has ever happened before.

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  • Computer rebooting is almost always a driver or heating issue. You say you have tried installing new updates, does that include video drivers? And if so, have you tried Omega's drivers?

    Another thing to check is that A) all of your fans are working and B) your video card and fans aren't caked with dust. That could cause overheating and blue screens/reboots.
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