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Write your own Walking Dead story with remaining Chapters?

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A House Divided My new watch will cause jealousy in house so group will become divided. Rebecca will get even bitcher and start spreading rumors behind my back getting group against me. Kenny will return and house will reject him i chose to leave or he stays. Wakes up and lukes dead from being stabbed group have no suspects but kenny admits to clem he did it (chose not tell the group). end credits

In Harm's Way: I help kenny by leaving my new watch in rebeccas room with the bloody knife and rebecca is made to live in shed till they decide what to do with her. Sarah asks to see lake i bring her out without carlos seeing us then at lake they talked to each other suddenly army of zombies arrive but i have my trusty hammer (decision fight or run) they decide to run sarah slips and see carlos running screaming for sarah then he slips decide who to save i chose sarah(wrong choice carlos gets killed, sarah gets bitten) grab sarah and run stop in middle of forest and realize what happened and tears roll down their faces. Sarah dying she put up against a tree and clem tells her about the world and her adventures with lee. Sarah dies.

Amid the Ruins: Clem starts to lose her mind wandering through the forest in despair seeing ghosts of people she used to know and flashbacks of good times (playthrough before what happened when lee arrived and how she ended up in the treehouse with zombie babysitter). Wakes up in forest and sees Lees spirit who inspires clem to keep fighting how proud of her he is and how much she helped him keep going suddenly 4 more zombies appear clems back with her trusty hammer she kills all 4. She arrives back at house blood everywhere everyone's dead Clem in shock hides in the closet and sees kenny walking around house with bloody axe.

No Going Back: Peak out of closet and see kenny (choose to kill or talk to him) choose talk Kenny explains how needed them dead to have all supplies and food for him and clem that every time he trusted people they failed him so he striked first at night left everyones door open while they were asleep and let zombies in so technically didn't kill anyone just zombies only matter of time anyway. Clem was scared and ran and locked herself in her room next thing axe through the door kenny pops head through "HERES KENNY" Clem grabs her hammer epic battle begins(Kenny gets killed with flying hammer after 10 minute qte fight) Clem runs away in tears her mind goes again sees lee runs up and hugs him turns out to be zombie gets bitten but kills it with hammer. Finally she says has nothing else wants to live for and wants to die then faints then another group find her knocked out on ground and bring her to hidden medical centre. She wakes up sun shining asks what happened they tell her she was cure and got antidote and zombie apocalypse is over. THE END

Got bored so wrote a bit ignore plotholes or missing characters and grammar please just wanted random story

Lets see bit creativity let see your own story be random as you want fun to read(added in few decisions etc)

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