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The Season 2 Soundtrack was fantastic, but....

posted by Lachlan_is on - last edited - Viewed by 316 users
Now, to ttg staff esp. I absolotely LOVED the sam and max s2 soundtrack, BUT, why is it that you had the music files as "audio files" rather than mp3 or even wav, its just that I have iTunes and whenever i convert the CD it comes up with heaps of skips, so I have to keep repeating the process with each song about 6 times until it smooths out.

Now I know that it is not ttg's fault, but just for future reference, pretty please use mp3 files on the cds, its taken me 9 hours just to fix it!


(Any other homies had this problem post a "holla")

The files are fine now, I used 'em on a newer PC, But thank you all who posted a comment.
At least we sorted out that problem for the future
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  • I'm not certain, but I think it's because mp3's would have worse quality than the files they're using?

    If iTunes isn't converting them properly, I guess you could try Audacity or something like that, if that works.
  • i tought the extra audio files were mp3s...
    Jake;96213 said:
    * Disc two has the environment music from episodes 204 and 205 on the audio track, and also has a data track which includes the cutscene suites from each episode, as 256k MP3s(...)
    i have yet to try it myself though. i know, i know...shame on me.:o
  • I think it is quality reasons... but they should contain mp3's
  • The bonus audio tracks are MP3s. The rest of the CD is not. CDs do not traditionally contain MP3s - you wouldn't be able to play them in most CD players that way, which sort of defeats the point of manufacturing a CD. :p

    I can't speak to the conversion process because I haven't tried it, but I'd be surprised if it were directly related to the file format we used. (But if anyone else is having this problem, please let us know!)

    You'll find MP3s of some of the tracks here:
  • "Audio files" is what Windows calls standard CD Audio tracks. If you're having problems importing them into iTunes, it may be that your CPU or your disk drive isn't fast enough to do realtime encoding.
  • iTunes is terrible if the CD is scratched or dirty, which could easily be the cause of your problems as well.

    And using MP3s to make audio CDs makes me cry... :(
    Damn being an audio engineer...
  • We're not using MP3s to make our audio tracks, they're all mastered from the original uncompressed audio. The bonus tracks that are on the data track on disc 2 are MP3 files compressed from the original masters.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    "Using MP3s to make audio CDs makes me cry..." What? Who would actually do that on a professional project?

    Yeah there is some amazing misunderstanding going on in here.

    The soundtrack contains 1.75 discs worth of full quality CD audio, mastered and output by Jared Emerson-Johnson, the composer. It's regular full quality uncompressed audio made in the real way. Disc two is about 25% filled with additional "bonus tracks" on a data track -- suites of the music which plays during the cutscenes in the episodes, and a few stragglers like the music from the trailers -- which are encoded as 256kbps MP3 files. Only the "bonus tracks" are MP3s.
  • Jeez, we got the whole crew involved! It may be my PC, Its fairly old. But hey, I LOVED it! and if you could, could you tell Jared Emerson Johnson that I love the originallity of his music compositions and is a great inspiration for young budding composers such as I.

    P.S, If you want to hear some of my music, send us a message
  • so, you're converting the cds using itunes on an old pc? i think itunes has an option somewhere to correct errors during encoding. with this it should take longer, but the files should be fine....
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