TWD Forum Comic Series (Icarus Mines Chapter 1-2 Released in Comments Below)

The series will have 5 episodes (that has multiple parts). Our world is called the "Forum". A dimensional world that connects with other dimensions. Don't be surprised if you see references or characters made by Telltale. In this series, there are four different races.

Users; which are us are the "mortals" of the forum. They can use imagination as their weapon (albeit it is that powerful). Appearances ranges from humans/animals.

Moderators; extra-dimensional beings capable of unimaginable power. Their role is neutral as they are judges meant to balance the "Forum" Their appearance is more bio-mechanical.

Trolls; a race of monsters bent to corrupt and conquer. They can "downvote" which has devastating power and can infect anyone who gets slammed by it, and become one of them. (The names of Trolls in this forum will not be heard)

Telltale; the creators of the "Forum". They send out the Mods to maintain the peace. Any who defies them will get permanently deleted from their existence.


Two things I want to be clear about though. If a Troll is trying to start conflict by posting some comment, IGNORE THEM, because having arguments here will cause it to close down and I don't want to redo this thread. And the other is to the MODs; please don't close this thread as I want to make this place a little more better. So are we clear? Alright, LETS GET TO IT!


enter image description here

Here's the link to the main gallery. From there you can access all the chapters in the folders from the left side.



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    Appearance: My appearance is what you would expect from my profile picture: a white anthro wolf, blue eyes, such and such. Make me whatever hight you want, but not too short

    Persona: My character is, as you would know from watching me on this forum, a smartass and doesn't take much seriously, but can act over-hostile to things he DOES take seriously.

    Weapon: For a weapon, I use my claws and supernatural strength. I also have the ability to change from an anthro to a normal wolf. I will also have enhanced senses of sight, smell, hearing, and so on.

    Do me proud!

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    The Walking Mustache

    Appearance: A tall muscular man wearing a baseball cap and a t-shirt. His most noticable characterization would be his huge breathtaking Mustache that many people describe with the word " godlike ".

    Personality: A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, The Walking Mustache acts as the de-facto leader of the group, and is a sharp, hard-working man who likes to take action and make things happen.

    Weapon: Mustache

    Power: He can use his godlike Mustache as a hairy shield that can absorb many hits and many bullets. He can also use his Mustache as a offensive weapon, dishing out many affective punches all at once. His Mustache can also be used as a cover to hide in certain situations or to just using it as a sleeping bag.

  • So are you actually going to draw the comic? If yes, then I'm in if it is okay to you.

  • I wanna to be the Russian sandvich eatin' hoovy. I also have a giant minigun (oxymorons ftw), and boxing gloves.

  • 5 episodes to be released.... monthly? Periodically? 'Soon'?

  • Once again, I'm not mentioned this is total bull.....crap

  • He said you could be added.

    I'll make sure you have a spot.

  • Ohyoupoked me, you're so kind, do I have to include a description?

  • That would be preferable, yes.

  • Hmmm, I'm pretty tall (6' 4"), I'm a bit nerdy and I am very socially awkward. My facial features look a bit like Doug's, except I'm very skinny

  • My personality is I'm always neutral, but I am loyal to people who stick up for me, and I'm sort of a pacifist, however I'm an excellent shot.

  • Who's downvoting Cart_hero? Stawp!

  • I really don't care, they are just jealous of my skillz

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    Can I be one of your 15 you accept?

    Appearance: Small, very un-muscular,has a shirt that says Randomz. His face looks similar to Rick from the comics.

    Personality: Tries to be a big help, but nobody likes him.

    Ability: (May backfire) He can shoot out the most random of things out of his hands. It could be a bullet, and kill someone. Or it could be a puppy, it varies every single time.

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    Hmmm, that sounds pretty cool. Ok, here we go!:

    Appearance: Short black hair, a beard (like Joel's), hazel eyes, average hight, t-shirt, shorts, backpack

    Personality: A bit too serious, seems somewhat cold but is emotional on the inside, nice towards people who treat me well, not so nice towards the rest, quick-tempered, rather stubborn and reckless, very protective of friends

    Weapons: a bow and a sledgehammer

    Powers: Unlimited arrow cheat and regeneration. Useful and not too broken.

    Edit: changed some stuff

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    Here is the full image for my profile pic.

    Alt text

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    Can i join?

    Appearence: Big black hair, a black coat and cargo pants.

    Personality: Very short tempered, but nice on the inside. Also very smart

    Weapons: A Knife and a gun

    Abilities: I want my character to be a vampire so Vampire ablities

    Edit: Also he looks pretty young (around 17) but he is 146 years old.

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    Oooh eee!I will have a try.

    Appearance:Black bushy hair,average hight,brown trousers,a pilot hat

    Personality:Jolly and not very serious,rarely get's angry - that's a bad thing to happen

    Weapons:Machete & Hand gun

    Powers:Mega Crackshot

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    I'll give it a try

    Apperance: Red/brown hair (like bigby's), 6 foot tall, jeans, black t-shirt which says: "Don't test me" on it. (looks 26 years old)

    Personality: Cool guy, honest, protector, almost never gets angry, he isn't as tough as he looks.

    Weapons: Pool cue & Golf club

    Powers: Ultimate Rage

    Edit: He gets SUPER strong if he is angry.

  • Hey, Tobi, where are you going to post the... erm... "issues"?

    Here? deviant art? Where?

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    I guess I'll join. I'll try to make my character as much like me as possible in appearence and personality.

    Appearance: Tall, skinny, brown hair, scar on lip

    Personality: Easily angered, tries to avoid conflict but is not afraid to step up when needed, loyal, skillful with guns

    Weapons: Rifle, pistol, and metal baseball bat

    Powers: Concentration (improves accuracy greatly by appearing to slow time)

    Probably sounds terrible but I just thought it up off the top of my head

  • What the hell are you talking about; I'm just submitting my character.

  • Holy crap, I'm in it? That's awesome.

    Appearance: Dark brown medium length hair, glasses, a light beard, gray hoodie

    Personality: Sarcastic, but appreciates humor. Cynical when the situation is good, Optomistic when it's bad. Kind of weird, as you can tell from that last sentence.

    Weapons: Dual wielded revolvers (because I like Westerns)

    Powers: Gunslinger - Grants pinpoint accuracy and extreme rapid fire, allowing weapons to be emptied accurately in mere seconds.

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    This sounds cool! This would be me:

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Blonde, 6 foot 2 inches, blue eyes. Short hair, but not too short. Wear blue jeans and black t-shirt.

    Personality: Easy going and gets on well with people usually, but can be explosive when pushed too far. Loyal and trustworthy.

    Weapons: Assault rifle and hatchet.

    Powers: Can read people's minds.

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    Alright, Doug; I have been very forgiving of you lately, (which is something you should be grateful for) and your silliness is beyond immature now. Not only have you insulted me restlessly, but you also have no REASON to insult me. You aren't a troll, as far as I can tell, but you are acting stupid: stop calling me a faggot, fur fag, or whatever name you can pull out of your ass, or else.

    I am giving you one last chance before I contact a moderator.

  • Can I be added? I could be a teen! I look kinda like a mix between Lilly, Sarah, and Brie, if that makes any sense - but with reddish hair and blue eyes. I wear glasses and I always have my nose in a book. Can I learn to use a glock? My catchphrase could be, "Hello, world! I'm ready for whatever you can throw at me!" :D

  • Also, I'm really good with a baseball bat. I have a metal one! giggles evilly

  • Oh, I'm sure you're good with baseball bats. ;)

    Jeez, I'm so dirty.

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    Appearance: A masculine male with a full beard, green eyes, medium length hair. Big and intimidating on the outside but very gentle and kind to others in the group.

    Personality: As I've said, gentle and kind to others in the group. But do anything to harm the group and you'll see what I'm truly capable of.

    Weapons: Modified brass knuckles to deliver deadly blows with brute force. And a handy little pistol just in case.

    Powers: High tolerance to pain. Gotta be realistic ;)

  • No... I literally have a bright pink, metal baseball bat. Is that the new slang for penises??? ;)

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