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Your favorite moments of SBCG4AP Ep 4: Dangeresque 3 [spoilers]

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I usually come out to the world of internet forum anonymity to make some random inside joke that no one understands.

This time is different (I hope).

I work at Telltale as a choreographer. This job title is elusive at times because although we have had opportunities to put together some dance numbers, the job is mostly a combination of acting, directing, cinematography and layout with a touch of technical know-how to make the magic happen.

SBCG4AP Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective was an interesting project because we split up the environments among us and each of us got an opportunity to relive the days of our youth when we first picked up a VHS (or betamax) video camera and tried to make our first movie.

So it will be interesting for us to know which moments of the game you found to be funny, interesting, exciting, puzzling, etc.

I'll start by saying that one of my favorite things to do as I was doing a final play-through of this episode was to try to figure out who was holding the camera for each scene. At times we gave some pretty big hints like showing the character's feet. Other times we just had the camera at an angle that only a couple of characters could reach. There were also some times when there really was no easy way to know.

Since many of us read the forums you might even get responses from people on the team, so tell us what you think...
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  • I really, really, really liked Dadgeresque.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I started playing through the game on my Wii at home last night (first time playing the final version!) and I was laughing, sad and alone in my apartment, at Strong Mad repeatedly hitting his head on the hood of the car when chasing you. I hadn't heard it before with final sound effects, and seeing it all together and done cracked me up. My favorite moments though, much like Gibbeynator, are probably still Dadgeresque's introduction, and "demise."
  • Most likely, this is because I'm a Frantics fan, but my favorite part can be summed up thus:

    "And a boot to the head! And one for Jenny and the Wimp!"

    Get the picture?
  • My favorite parts? pretty much any of the bad scene cuts where they didn't rewind the tape back enough to overwrite all of the previous take...

    Renaldo: "That's the stupidest thing i've ev-" *blip* "Dangeresque you're a genius!"

    The scene with the four scissor holes in the wall after the cut was funny too.

    But the alternate ending where Dangeresque just leaves Crag to beat up Dangeresque...too?, and Uzi's ransom video rank high on my list as well.
  • Yup, all the bad cuts were hilarious. I especially loved

    - When Strong Bad and Homestar are speaking in the Sun and then a window falls and they stand there looking at it. So random.
    - All the tricks they use to have Uzi and Dangeresque Too on screen at the same time.
    - Dadgeresque
    - Anytime they used Strong Sad as the stunt :D
  • The funniest moment in the game, for me, at least, was the "death" of Dadgeresque. I never knew that an unwilling citizen could make such a fine actor. I literally laughed out loud, which happens very rarely.

    EDIT: Actually, the opening cinematics ala Strong Bad's dream were amazing. Maybe not so much funny as very, very cool-looking.
  • As with apparently everyone else, I really liked the poor cinematography and awkward cuts.
    But after Darin spilled the beans on it, the line of dialogue when you find Onion Bubs during the main story is delightful.
  • I really loved the guy who played Dangeresque's dad. His form of speech rivals Homsar's language, and he reminds me of my dad when he wakes up in the morning:D.
  • vyperspit;99917 said:
    I really loved the guy who played Dangeresque's dad. His form of speech rivals Homsar's language, and he reminds me of my dad when he wakes up in the morning:D.
    If you'd like to see more of Senor Cardgage, here is the list of his appearances.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    My favorite moments are talking to the "Kidnapped little girl" aka the Poopsmith. Originally I had written this part for Marzipan. She was going to be wearing yet another wig and different outfit... possibly with some regular eyeglasses. But it started to feel like too much Marzipan... and it wasn't very funny. I started to ask the other designers who they thought should play the kidnapped woman, and Mike Stemmle suggested the Poopsmith. I haven't stopped laughing at the idea since!
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