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Does the SB model SBCG4AP contain a face underneath the mask like Halo 3?

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When designing SB did tt games make a face underneath SB mask like in halo 3 if anyone remembers the master chief's face easter egg.
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  • TomSuperman;99814 said:
    Got a picture.

    probably not
  • TomSuperman;99814 said:
    Got a picture.
  • 16_BIT_MARIO1;99807 said:
    I just pulled it off through hackery.
    So, was it a real face, and you were just extremely disappointed, or there was a blank face, and you were still disappointed? If you don't clarify, I may need to make the same mistake myself...

    By the way, Strong bad did take off his mask (or face, which is what I believe) in sbemail 162 - the chair. My best guess is that it would look like any stupid model in a biography class : red muscles. The closest we've ever gotten to seeing his face (before this, I suppose) was in the decompiled picture from 162, found on hrwiki. Wow. His mask look a lot like a ski mask when it's not on his head. And maybe like there's a bowl in the bottom.
  • The "canon" answer, if such a thing is possible in the H*R universe, is revealed in Strong Bad E-mail #162:
    STRONG BAD: {reading email} Dear Strong Bad, how come you never take your mask off? {typing} Like I've said before, this is not a mask. It's my face. But hey, I'll give it a shot!
  • xChri5x;99903 said:
    he looks like a red child stepheaded..........wait wat?:):):(:(:confused::confused::mad::mad::p:p;);):D:D:o:o:rolleyes::rolleyes::cool::cool::eek::eek:... i dont know why i just did that
  • I somehow feel like this is a bad idea, but I'm going to dare to ask for a picture. Please. Not just posted, but maybe a link to the picture? I, sadly, do not have hacking skills.

    I just want to see what kind of creative thing TellTale did with this idea. I'll always believe that his mask is his face, no matter how awesome, or non, the picture is.
  • metalkombat;99912 said:
    I just want to see what kind of creative thing TellTale did with this idea.
    I'm pretty sure Jake is being sarcastic.
    (Also, 16_BIT_MARIO1.)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Okay I'll reveal it. Tomorrow.
  • Telltale Games: Strong Bad's Face Tomorrow, Today
  • ReverendTed;99916 said:
    I'm pretty sure Jake is being sarcastic.
    either that...or he is planning something.

    technically it wouldn't make any sense to make a strong bad model with a real face and a mask over it. even if there are plans to unmask him in the final episode, you would have to carry around those extra polygons for four espisodes. i would rather make two strong bad models, one with the face and one with the other face....since the mask isa his face.
    or maybe exchange the headmodel at some point...

    ...same with the master chief: i haven't played halo 2 or 3, but i can't imagine he is running around the whole game with a face under his mask. he is not taking of this helmet all the time, right? on the other hand...invisible polygons aren't rendered anyway...but the system has to do a visibility check on them all the time. wouldn't probably bother a newer system though. hmm...i seriously need to get back into that 3d business.
    anyway...the helmet i larger than the human head you wouldn't risk any intersections.

    ...a face under strong bad's mask would have probably caused some clipping errors at some point...while moving the whole thing around.

    does this sound like i know what i am talking about? if not, feel free to correct me..
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