Just a man who loves Telltale games (But after the release of ANF, I lost my trust on them). I play a lot of games on PS4. I'm a big fan of Naughty Dog (Especially a big fan of Uncharted Trilogy) and Survival Horror gaming. My favourite horror game of all time is Resident Evil (2002). My favourite video game male protagonist is Nathan Drake and female protagonist is Jill Valentine. My favourite Telltale game is Tales from the Borderlands. My best friends of this community are MetallicaRules and TheAutisticGamer.


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    Saw your post about tlou release date. TLOU 2 production didn't start after TLL released. Found a leak that said it was already in production during TLL. The staff wasnt completely split 50/50 but they were working on the game and not just the cinematic trailer. That trailer was finished way back in 2014. They finished it when Left Behind finished. The other month the ceo said "neil pitched me the story the other day" but he lied, it had been pitched for a loooong time.

    ND is way further along with P2 than they have been saying. They also finished TLL in only one year so that team can cook up a huge game quick. Their team is also able to make multiple fully fleshed out 100% ready character models in only one day. That team is fuckin crazy.

    November 22
    • AronDracula
      But I thought it was said that TLOU2 wasn't in full production because Naughty Dog was focusing on Uncharted 4 and TLL, that's why it won't be released in 2018.