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  • JoniOdin

    I downloaded Ep. 2 of the Enemy Within, and shortly before the download was finished my PC crashed (had probably nothing to do with the game). Whenever I tried to download the episode again it didn't even really start downloading and said it'd be unable to download after a short time.
    Maybe you know what to do about his?

    Interestingly enough, I have a new SSD. I installed everything (incl. Windows 10) anew, and I thought the problem was gone, since after that I could download Ep.2.
    BUT: With Ep. 3 I have the same problem I described before, only that this time it didn't even need my PC to crash for that.
    So I can not download Episode 3 now.

    December 2018
    • Blind Sniper
      Blind Sniper
      Hi! Unfortunately, I am only a volunteer moderator and I do not have much information to help you. Normally, Telltale Support closed down because of the September company closure, but I think Skybound actually rehired some of the Telltale Support staff. Try sending Telltale Support an email or Support ticket and see if they respond. Sorry I could not directly help you, but I hope I can point you in the right direction!
    • JoniOdin
      Alright, I will try that. Thank you very much, and merry Christmas!
    • Blind Sniper
      Blind Sniper
      Hi again! As an update, I've been advised to direct you towards