My name is Paraskevas (friends call me Paris), I live in Greece and I am ~20 years old. Please keep in mind that Paraskevas is a male's name and Paris has nothing to do with the female counterpart . If I am to start writing about myself , I should start by saying that I am a video-game veteran . I am a fan of both Walking dead series and The Wolf Among Us . My first experience of Telltale's masterpieces was The Walking Dead and I really can't remember how fast I fell in love with it , though my money is on the first minute of Episode 1 . I've grown up playing all kinds of games but for the last couple of years , I prefer games with adaptive storylines rather than just shooters . Apart from gaming , I am a university student in Patras,Greece at the computer engineering and informatics department . Although the specific department is known as one of the most difficult departments in Greece , I find time to enjoy a coffee (or a drink) with my friends and if I have a little extra time , play Basketball , which is my favorite sport . At the moment , I am also playing Dota 2 , Rome total war , Company of Heroes with Dota being my #1 game preference .


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