Dear telltalegames studio If you can read this message I wanted to tell you that the last episode of walking dead dissapointed me in many moments of the playing. 1)From all gamers of our country (i dont tell which) I say that the 5 episode has really not realistik plot. E.x:Fight between Rusian group and Clementines.Do you probably think that American shoud always surviwe all dont care how rediculous it will be.I can take this bold gay.According this he couldnt shoot his target from 5 metres(even he was the men who started the shooting).Also the accent of Russians was like Ukrain guys has. 2) You have very bad idea about groups:"All guys except main character(also it can be him) and max 2 guys must die.''This is really redicuolus. If wanna show very sad story this working but not so often how you think. 3)Rediculous deaths.Most rediculous it Nick.Really strange.Second has Luke.Its really good guy bad he dont seem so fat(about his death). 4)This ruskies really annoying me.You showed ruskies how americans thinks there are.Bad talking in English aslo there bastards.THESE REALLY ANNOYS.so before show somebody of other nationality you should learn them better and do not show theme like you imagine 5)So manny endings.It really ruins the drammatic so just avoid it(cause than i played 1 part i really was near to crying and this really avoid all drammatic) 6)About ak 47.Just think about it there Carvers found so manny with ammo also. I really love this game it is the best i have played ever but the 5 episode really dissapointed me.About other the plot is good but needs some corrects.The atmosphere is perfect So the marks realistik 4/10 plot 9/10 atmospthere 10/10 Thanks for listening( if you saw it) Dyenic_026


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